Zelensky celebrates Ukraine’s resistance after a month of war


The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas celebrated the country’s resistance to the Russian offensive, which marks one month this Thursday since the government of Vladimir Putin declared war. “The original plan of the Russian troops has failed”he declared in his late-night video message.

During the speech broadcast on Telegram, Zelensky also wanted to address the world to ask “unity” against the invasion of Russia. “I ask you to rise up against the war. Let yourselves be seen and heard,” she emphasized.

According to the president, in Ukraine Russian troops “destroy cities, kill civilians, rape women, kidnap children, shoot at refugees and stop humanitarian convoys.” However, the conflict is much more than a war against his country alone. “Try to defeat the freedom of all people in Europe and the world”has assured.

NATO’s “effective and unlimited” aid

In this sense, Zelensky has requested “effective and unlimited” help from NATO to jointly prevent Russia from “breaking up NATO, the EU or the G7 and leading them to war”. “We must all stop Russia. The world must stop the war,” she insisted.

For this reason, he said that expects “serious steps” from Western allies, while reiterating his call for a no-fly zone. In addition, he has lamented that the West does not provide Ukraine with aircraft, modern anti-missile systems, tanks or anti-ship weapons.

The Ukrainian president will participate in three key meetings this Thursday with the Atlantic Alliance, the European Union and the G7. At stake is the expansion of sanctions against the Putin government, the discussion of a military support strategy and alternatives to reduce dependence on Russian fuels in Europe. “In these three summits we will see who is our friend, who is our partner and who sold us out and betrayed us,” he declared.

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UK to deliver 6,000 more missiles to Ukraine

The United Kingdom to deliver 6,000 more anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday. Despite the “extraordinarily brave” resistance of the Ukrainians, “we cannot and will not stand idly by and let the Russians reduce Ukrainian cities to dust,” Johnson said.

“The UK will work with its allies to increase military and economic support for Ukraine, strengthening its defenses as the tide of this battle turns.” In addition, London will grant the Ukrainian Army a aid of 25 million pounds (30 million euros) which adds to the 400 million pounds of economic and humanitarian aid already promised.

It will also receive four million pounds BBC World Service, the international service of the British public broadcaster, to “counter disinformation in Russia and Ukraine”.

US confirms Russian list of diplomats declared persona non grata

The government of United States has confirmed this Wednesday that its embassy in Moscow has received a list of diplomats declared persona non grata by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“This is Russia’s latest useless and unproductive step in our bilateral relationship,” a State Department spokesman, Antony Blinken, said in a statement.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported on Wednesday that it had delivered to the US a list of diplomats who must leave Russia in response to the expulsion of 12 Russian officials from the Permanent Mission to the UN Russian for alleged “espionage”, according to Washington.


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