Zelensky asks for more weapons and sanctions in Congress

The president of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, has compared this Tuesday in a videoconference before the Congress of Deputies the situation in his country with the lived in the Basque town of Gernika in 1937 during the Civil War, and has asked Spain “more help with weapons and sanctions”.

“Imagine that now the people of Europe lived in attics to save themselves. We are in April 2022, but it seems that we are in April 1937when the whole world knew what happened in Gernika”, the president pointed out, referring to the bombing of the Basque town.

In addition to the President of the Government, the President of the Lower House, deputies and senators, they have also attended the Congress of Deputies on Ukrainian Ambassador Serhii Pohoreltsevas well as refugees who have fled to Spain from the war and ambassadors of the European Union and NATO.

The Ukrainian president’s statements come after the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, announced that Spain will expel 27 Russian diplomats and russian embassy staff for presenting “a threat to the security interests of the country“and for the “terrible actions” carried out by Russian troops in Ukraine.

Zelensky has made his speeches before parliaments around the world one of his main tricks to gather support for your country in its defense against the Russian invasion. The first took place a month ago before the European Parliament and, since then, has spoken at almost 20 assembliesthe last of them those of Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia.

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Request that Spanish companies stop doing business in Russia

In his speech, the Ukrainian president asked that Spanish companies, such as Porcelanosa, stop doing business in Russia.

“While they are torturing civilians,how to allow Russian banks to generate profits?how to allow the European companies make profits while destroying my country?”, the president asked.

24 hours – Spanish companies leaving Russia – Listen now

In this regard, Zelensky recalled that “many Spanish companies have stopped working in Russia” and has grateful to the Spaniards “for this position in terms of sanctions”.

Zelensky urges the UN to reform its system

Minutes before his speech before the Congress of Deputies, Zelensky spoke before the United Nations Security Council, where he proposed a organization system reform to be able to deal with attacks like the one suffered in his country.

The Ukrainian president has reproached the international community for its lack of determination in stop the war started by Russia. “If we continue like this, my country will only be able to depend on its own weapons and not on International Law. They could simply close their doors. If not, act. The United Nations Charter has to be activated again so that the veto does not become a right to deathZelensky has indicated.

He also stressed that “we have evidence and we can carry out a full investigation of what happened to punish once and for all those who feel with the privilege to commit a crime and get away with it“.

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