Zelensky accuses Russia of “genocide” for “mass murders” in Donbas

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, accused Russia on Thursday of “genocide” by the deportation of citizens and the “mass killings of civilians” in Donbas.

In his usual late-night speech, Zelensky said that the ongoing Russian offensive in Donbas “You can leave the region uninhabited. They want to burn Popasna, Bakhmut, Lyman, Lysychansk and Severodonetsk to ashes. Like Volnovakha, like Mariupol.”

The Ukrainian president has denounced that the Russian military, which has occupied the country since February 24, is meeting in the cities and communities closest to the border with Russia, in Donetsk and Lugansk, “to all those who can to take the place of the dead and wounded in the occupation contingent”. And he has sentenced: “All this, including the deportation of our people and the mass murder of civilians, is a clear policy of genocide followed by Russia.”

He has also added that this Thursday the invading military bombed Khark├│v again and that at the moment the list of dead includes nine people and 19 wounded. “All civilians. A child (five months) and a father were killed. The mother is in serious condition. Among the injured is also a nine-year-old girl.”

Criticism of the EU for blocking more sanctions on Russia

Zelenski has criticized that the European Union do not apply new sanctions against Moscow and has specified that Russia receives almost 1,000 million euros a day from the Europeans for energy supply.

“Of course, I thank our friends who are promoting new sanctions. But where did those who block the sixth package get so much power? Why are they still allowed to have so much powereven in intra-European procedures?”, he said.

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Hungary, the main opponent of the sanctions on Russian crude oil, considers that there are still key details to be finalized in the European Commission’s proposal, for example, in relation to the potential aid it would receive to compensate for the current energy dependency.

Coal is already on the European Union sanctions list, although oil — much less gas — is not., due to the suspicion of the most dependent countries, especially in Eastern Europe. Moscow, however, has already cut gas shipments to Poland, Bulgaria and Finland for refusing to pay for supplies in rubles.

In this way, Zelenski has affirmed that “the world has not dared to block the Russian banking system”which would allow “depriving the aggressor of the opportunity to finance” not only the war against Ukraine, but “the policy of creating divisions and crises throughout the world.”

“Since May 26, 2014, and even more so from February 24 of this year until today, there have been many opportunities for those who really have the strength to do it, to put an end to it and say: now Russia will really feel the price. for what he is doing against Ukraine,” he stressed.


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