Young scooter rider thought to be the world’s youngest back flipper aged 6

Sporty schoolboy Austin Terry is on track to get the Guinness world record for being the youngest person to ever complete back flip on a push scooter, at the age of six

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Austin Terry shows off his impressive scooter riding skills

A talented schoolboy is on track to bagging a world record for youngest back flipper on a push scooter, at the tender age of just six.

Adrenaline junkie Austin Terry might be young, but his skills and tricks in the skate park are mighty, and the youngster, from Colchester in Essex, could soon be recognised for his talent.

His proud parents hope to soon have his talents officially recognised and have applied for Austin to be named as a Guinness world record holder as the youngest ever to complete a back flip on a push scooter.

Austin’s dad Tom Terry said: “It’s a really exciting time for Austin. We believe he is the youngest in the world to do a back flip on a push scooter. The youngest to date that we know of is a lad who was six years and four months.

“A couple of months before Austin’s sixth birthday he landed it on a flexible, resi ramp and it was just 19 days after his sixth birthday he completed it on a wooden ramp.

“We are sure he is the youngest and people can’t believe how young he is when they see him in action. We would love him to be officially awarded the record title.”

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Austin has been able to ride a scooter as long as he could walk



His dad takes him to skate parks all over the country to train



The 37-year-old police diver added: “Austin is competing in UK wide championships and he practices at every opportunity. He ranked sixth in the UK this month, despite riding two years below the maximum age in an under 8 competition and TJ ranked number two in the UK.

“We pack our weekends with scooting and we travel all over the UK to progress their skills and tricks at different skate parks.”

But Austin isn’t the only talent in the family, as the young boy’s love of the extreme sport actually comes from watching his older brother, TJ, who is eight years old.

Tom added: “They are best friends and they love doing it together. They are both so supportive of each other, the sport has a very supportive community.

“TJ has technical tricks as he is older and Austin is in awe of his big brother, he has learnt so much from him.”

Both Austin and TJ were gifted their first scooters when they were just toddlers, and by the age of three they were comfortable dropping into ramps during trips to the park with their dad.

Austin fell in love with scooting after watching older brother TJ



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Their early start in the scooter world has given the brothers a clear head start with Austin progressing quickly from foam pits to back flipping tricks on wooden ramps, with the youngster planning to move soon on to a concrete stage.

Tom explained: “To do a back flip trick, you have to first practice in a foam pit, and once you are comfortable you are landing your wheels correctly, you can move to a resi ramp. That’s a flexible ramp and Austin was confident on that at five years old.”

Next, Austin moved onto a wooden ramp, which needs to be big enough to throw him up and over in order to complete the flip, his dad said.

“He has to get the momentum, the height of the ramp is important so you can rotate. Austin has to know he is running at the right speed and that takes progression and time to get perfect,” Tom continued.

“Austin started flipping wonky, so he tried a few changes of technique and he got it.”

His parents are so proud but find it difficult to watch



Despite being a very encouraging dad, Tom does have his own fears seeing his young son take on such dare devil antics.

He said: “People can’t believe their eyes when they see him back flip and inside I am petrified every time he does it, but I believe in his ability and his confidence.

“Every ramp is different so he really has to concentrate when he is doing it. The risk is huge, but I know he is good enough to do it. I am so proud of them both.”

It was Tom’s protective nature that actually stopped Austin landing the back flip for the first time.

He said: “I knew he wanted to go for it and I was battling with myself to let him. As he went for it, in a split second I jumped in and caught him. I realised after he would have actually landed it for the first time, but at that last second I just thought I have to grab him.”

Austin has suffered a series of falls but his dad said part of Austin’s robust character is to just get back up again.

He said: “He is a little soldier, if he falls, he gets back up and carries on trying. I check him over, wipe his tears and encourage him to get back up and try again.

“He is so brave, he has taken some serious falls and we record the good and the bad, that’s his progress and his journey. We are all so proud of how much he has achieved at such a young age.”

Mum Alix, 38, a swim teacher added: “I hold my breath and close my eyes when I watch either of my son’s on the ramps, but their confidence and ability is incredible.”

Tom added: “We hope to have the sport in the Olympics in 2028 and to compete in the Olympics would be their dream. Before then, we have some really exciting projects planned for the new year and a huge opportunity in January so watch this space.”

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