Yoseline Hoffman: From gender violence to the origins of the feminist movement: the content of the courses that the ‘influencer’ YosStop will take

The Mexican influencer Yoseline Hoffman, known as Yosstop, in an image of her social networks.
The Mexican influencer Yoseline Hoffman, known as Yosstop, in an image of her social networks.

The influence Yoseline Hoffman, known as YosStop, left behind a small cell in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison in exchange for a commitment to learn and disseminate issues in favor of the gender perspective. After five months in prison accused of child pornography for broadcasting on her channels with millions of followers the video of the group rape that Ainara Suárez suffered in May 2018, the youtuber he was released after reaching a reparation agreement with the victim. The agreement, in addition to the payment of a figure for reparation of the damage, a public apology and collaboration with the investigations related to the case, also implies that for three years Hoffman will have to attend a monthly session of one hour to learn about discrimination, perspective and gender violence. Besides, the influence You will have to share a monthly video on your social networks about what you learned in these courses and monthly sessions and you will have to donate 5% of your monthly earnings to feminist groups.

“I offer you, Ainara, my sincere apologies. To my followers I say, ‘stoppers’ I screwed up, I was very wrong, I hurt and assaulted Ainara without the right ”, said the influence in her public apology broadcast on Friday, December 3, on the same channel that months ago she had used to insult her: YouTube. In the message, which to date has more than 3.6 million reproductions, the influence Mexicana reiterates its commitment that it will take training and awareness courses on victims, gender and discrimination for a specified number of hours.

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At the request of Suárez’s lawyers, the sessions that Hoffman will receive will be given by the feminist organization FemXFem. This group was one of the first associations to reach out to Ainara Suárez, who was raped by four young people at a party in May 2018. FemXFem contacted the victim directly at the end of last year to offer psychological and legal advice after learning about the attacks she was suffering after the massive spread of her gang rape.

Samantha Cerisola, president of the feminist collective, mentions that she is in preparation for the monthly sessions lasting one hour that Hoffman will receive for the next three years, a period that lasts for the suspension of the criminal proceedings against him. Although the lawyer still cannot give specific details about these courses, she assures that at the appropriate time they will make the agenda public. This will be the first time that the group has given awareness sessions for a woman involved in a judicial process, although she already has experience in the topics due to the previous courses she has given in companies on sexual harassment and harassment. “We always try to start with the introduction to gender violence, what are these terms, or the history behind the feminist movement,” she says.

The president of FemXFem acknowledges that after the dissemination of Suárez’s complaint, the group received at least 500 more cases. “There was a lot of media attention on this matter. All the issues that we have seen that progress faster is because there are media and social networks involved. The more hashtags, the more retweets and likes There is, the faster the prosecution of justice and we have seen it in several cases, sadly, it should not be necessary for social networks to be involved, but they are a great tool to denounce the corruption of the authorities ”, he emphasizes.

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The Ainara case is one of the three processes that the group has accompanied in which there is, albeit partially, a judicial resolution – the other two cases correspond to family violence. Cerisola recognizes that it is a lower figure compared to the 70 cases that are currently accompanying. However, the lack of resources and the fear of those involved to initiate a tortuous judicial process stops these complaints from reaching the last instances. “No matter how many updates there are, the authority is still not prepared to deal with cases in which there is violence against women,” he says.

For the president of the organization, the case of Suárez, despite the fact that there are still people involved to be processed, has been an example of the prosecution of justice that encourages more victims of gender violence to raise their voices. Starting in January next year, the association will launch individual courses at affordable prices so that anyone interested can learn about gender perspective and violence.

Although there is no specific date on the calendar yet to begin your monthly Hoffman sessions with FemXFem, the influence He has already spread his plans for the future through his social networks. Hoffman assured in recent days through his networks that his JustYosS channel will be away from destructive criticism and will undergo a restructuring. In the recording, of less than four minutes, the youtuber She commented excitedly that after leaving prison she will resume her studies in Psychology, the project of a podcast with her boyfriend, the recording of yoga videos as well as content to help women in prison as well as the launch of a sportswear brand and casual.

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