Yodel driver smashes into car’ on CCTV then reverses off – but police ‘close case’

Police have not been able to help after a Yodel delivery was caught reversing into a Toyota and then reversing off down the road, leaving Mohammad El-Hilu, 33 furious

The moment a Yodel delivery driver smashed the window of a car and drove away was caught on camera
The moment a Yodel delivery driver smashed the window of a car and drove away was caught on camera

The moment a Yodel delivery driver crashed into a car has been caught on camera.

The Ford Transit driver, believed to be with Yodel, is seen reversing into the Toyota RAVV4 in Sutton Coldfield and shattering the window.

He then gets out to inspect the damage and quickly gets back in his van and reverses off down the road.

BirminghamLive reports that the incident took place on Wednesday, October 27 and was captured on camera.

The car once belonged to Mohammad El-Hilu’s late father-in-law, and was in Mr El-Hilu’s possession.

He had moved the Toyota onto the roadside while work was done on his house and it was not insured.

Despite reporting the incident to both Yodel and West Midlands Police, he said neither have assisted him.

The police closed the case due to a ‘lack of evidence’ despite the fact that Mr El-Hilu, 33 had provided a video, the registration plate, make of the car and the time and date of the incident.

Yodel had also refused to pay for any damages.

The car belonged to Mohammad El-Hilu’s late father-in-law and was not insured



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The 33-year-old account manager told BirminghamLive: “It’s just frustrating – not because of the damage, not because of the car but because no one cares. He just hit our car and drove off.

“After watching the video I went around to the neighbours, and asked them ‘have they had any deliveries?’. Only one neighbour had a delivery.

“I couldn’t make out the licence plate from our video. But a neighbour’s CCTV had the number plate

“He was delivering a package for Yodel from Waitrose which was pet supplies for the neighbour’s dog.

“I rang Yodel and said this has happened. I am to settle it privately but your driver has to call me.”

He added: “The guy’s manager rang me a couple of days later and left a voicemail message and said ‘I know one of our drivers hit you please ring this number’.

“I kept calling back but he didn’t answer. Yodel said ‘we heard you’re going to settle with the driver’. But I said ‘the guy won’t answer my calls or call me’.

“Genuinely, if the guy had knocked on the door and cleaned the glass I’d have left it.

“But because he was clearly dishonest I am pursuing it. I think he just did it by accident and I think he just panicked.

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“But I kind of feel be honest about it. The worst thing I think he knows he’s been caught. He knows what he’s done and he’s still like he’ll see what happens.”

And Mr El-Hilu said the frustration has been made worse as the police have closed the case, despite the evidence he collected.

He said: “I gave all the details to the police and uploaded the video. All they would have to do is ring Yodel and ask at this time and date somebody was delivering for this company – who was it?

“I have literally given the police the whole case and then got an email to say the case was closed.

“So basically they couldn’t be bothered.”

A Yodel spokeswoman said: “We’re disappointed to hear about this incident and thank Mr El-Hilu for bringing it to our attention.

“The driver’s behaviour clearly does not reflect the values that we stand for. We’re investigating this incident and will look to take appropriate action as a priority.”

West Midlands Police said the incident had not been reported in the correct way.

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said the reply ‘may have been automatically generated’ but Mr El-Hilu was told to use the ‘RTC Online Reporting Portal’.

But Mr El-Hilu said he called and then was told to report it online. He said he was not told of the special ‘RTC reporting portal’. He received an emailed reply saying the case was closed, not that it had been reported incorrectly.

Despite reporting the incident to the police and Yodel, nothing has been done to help the situation



The email said: “Your incident has been reviewed and will now be closed and filed.

“This is due to there being no lines of enquiry to progress the investigation at this time.”

The statement from the force following enquiries from BirminghamLive continued: “We advised the victim that as the incident appears to be as a result of a road traffic collision, it needs to be reported in the correct manner.

“This needs to be done online using our RTC Online Reporting Portal. Unfortunately, until this has been completed via the portal, we cannot process the matter.

“It’s unclear on this occasion why the wrong form has been filled out and we appreciate the frustration filling out information again can cause.

The spokeswoman added: “We try to make it clear on our website with information and correct signposting.

“We are making enquiries with our contact centre staff and we always keep our eyes open for feedback. If a victim does not have access online, they can report face to face at a local station.

“For us to be able to investigate an incident we require the registration plate number of the other vehicle(s) and CCTV of the incident taking place or an independent witness/es.

“Sadly without this information there is insufficient evidence to pursue an incident.”

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