Ximo Puig assures that there are no reasons for an electoral advance in the Valencian Community | Valencian Community

The president of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, during the interview ..
The president of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, during the interview ..

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has assured that there are no reasons for an electoral advance. Even so, it has not confirmed if there will be a remodeling of the Consell if the current Minister of Education, Vicent Marzà, is finally appointed spokesperson for Compromís in Les Corts after the resignation of the current Catalan Ombudsman, Fran Ferri. According to Ximo Puig, his is a “stable government” and proof of this is that the Botànic has approved seven consecutive budgets in the seven years that he governs. The President of the Valencian Government has maintained that “stability is an intangible” for the economic and social recovery of the Community and for the management of European funds with the ultimate objective of finding employment for the 300,000 people who are still unemployed.

In an interview with Radio Valencia, of the SER network, the president of the Generalitat has referred to some matters that depend on the Government of Spain, such as the management of the Cercanías. According to Puig “the citizens of the Community do not have the service they deserve” and has revealed that he has written a letter to the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, to complain about the problems of this railway service and has announced that he will meet with the minister online on Tuesday 28.

In a national key, Puig has called for a new “Moncloa pact” for regional financing and has proposed the reissue of the Moncloa pacts to agree on the revision of the regional financing system. The Valencian president expects from the PP greater involvement than that demonstrated when the renewal, for example, of the General Council of the Judiciary began to be negotiated. Puig considers that the Government of Spain has complied with the requirement to present a proposal for a new financing system for which the autonomies have until January 31 to present allegations. Puig has insisted that the agreement must go beyond the communities, that all political parties must participate and that it must be a state pact. Also from an institutional point of view, the President of the Generalitat has appealed to “federal loyalty” and has once again defended co-governance. According to the Valencian president, the conference of presidents is to bet on “permanent conversation and the exchange of opinions, and, if possible, reach agreements.” In that sense, he explained that the vast majority of presidents, at Wednesday’s conference, agreed on the need to give a balanced response to the increase in infections.

Another of the announcements made by Ximo Puig refers to the Valencia Post Office building which, as he has said, will be the headquarters of a new institution, “the House of the European Regions”. The head of the Consell has reported how the Post Office building is one of the most interesting in the city from an architectural point of view and that the Generalitat has an obligation to preserve it, which is why it has decided to acquire it. The building will house content related to innovation and the “cosmopolitan capacity that Valencia has from the perspective of the Valencian Community”.

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