Xbox series X stock UK: Microsoft, Currys, Game restocks available now

Update on 4 March: The Xbox series X is in stock today at microsoft, Curries and Game. Xbox All Access is also available at Smyth’s Toys and Asda.

If you’ve been struggling to find the Xbox series X in stock lately, well you’re in luck. Right now we’re seeing more retailers than ever restock Microsoft’s next-generation console, with stock lasting for days rather than just minutes. Could this be the end of the console shortage that plagued both the Xbox and the PlayStation 5 for over a year?

With news that Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 are all coming to Xbox series X later this year, demand for the next-gen machine is on the rise again. All three of Capcom’s zombie survival classics are due to receive a graphical facelift, and anyone who already owns the game on Xbox One will receive a free upgrade to the new version.

Of particular interest to anyone who just wants the base console with no accessories or contracts is today’s Xbox series X deal at Microsoft (£449, Bundles usually stick around a little longer than lone consoles, as the inflated price deters scalpers, but the official store’s restock has been ongoing for more than 48 hours.

As always the Xbox series S is easier to find in stock (£249,, but surging demand for the more powerful Xbox series X has seen the console regularly sell out across the board.


Which UK retailers stock the Xbox series X?

Differences between the Xbox series X and series S

The Xbox series X and Xbox series S both run the same next-generation games (as well as older Xbox games through backwards compatibility), but the cheaper Xbox series S has less processing power under the bonnet. This means graphics won’t look as detailed and performance may be a little slower.

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For that reason, the Xbox series X is considered to be the “true” next-generation console here – but both consoles are excellent game machines. The Xbox series S has another big advantage in that it’s much easier to find in stock than the Xbox series X.

The Xbox series S costs £249 (, which looks positively bargainous compared to the Xbox series X at £449.

How to buy an Xbox series X online

When the console sells out, it pays to be ready to grab the next available stock before anybody else can. To ensure you’re ready for the next drop, let’s go over some things you can do right now to be ready when the next restock happens.

  • Register an account at each of the retailers that stock the Xbox series X. They’re listed in the main article above.
  • Ensure your correct payment details are saved in your browser on desktop, or on Google Pay or Apple Pay on your phone.
  • Are you a BT customer, or do you know somebody who is? Register your interest on the BT site to get exclusive access to BT’s next drop.
  • Sign up for a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, in case the retailer makes its next Xbox drop a Prime-exclusive.
  • Download each retailer’s app (if they have one) and add the Xbox series X to your wish list or “save for later” list.
  • When the console drops, use the link in your wish list to add the Xbox to your trolley or basket – this usually has a higher success rate than navigating through the website.
  • Keep note of the prices of bundles to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Rounding up, the console itself is £450, controllers are £50, the official headset is £90, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs £11 per month. Newly released game are £60, but retailers usually bundle older games with the console.
  • The pay-as-you-go Xbox All Access program is good value for money, so long as you don’t already have a Game Pass subscription.
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Don’t buy a console on social media, these are always scams.

Can you buy an Xbox series X in store?

We continually monitor online retailers for the arrival of fresh Xbox stock, but did you know that we also keep tabs on the availability in physical stores around the country? We rely on tweets from happy customers, news from around the web, and our network of covert spies embedded in every shopping center in the UK.

Smyths Toys is currently your best bet, with verified stock in store right now. We’ve also heard reports of shoppers finding the console available at their local Argos branch in recent weeks. It’s worth popping into your nearest store if you’re passing by.

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