Xabier Fortes’ encounter with Cuca Gamarra: “It is the most unworthy thing that they have told me” | Television on Cadena SER

Xabier Fortes interviewed in The night in 24h to the spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Congress of Deputies, Cuca Gamarra. An interview that did not leave anyone indifferent, in which the journalist and the popular representative starred in a tense moment.

The controversial conversation began with a reflection by Fortes, in which the spokesperson was ugly that when ETA still existed and the PP ruled in Spain, José María Aznar made a controversial statement, which to this day is still remembered and raises blisters among the his: “If they stop killing, you have to be generous with that world.” Fortes also recalled that the current PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto “had meetings with the Herri Batasuna group” and despite this, the formation is very critical of Pedro Sánchez for his pacts with EH Bildu.

“Why when you were there, did you have to explore that possibility and be generous, even if ETA exists, and now that it does not exist, the government cannot do the same? Fortes asked, to which Gamarra assured that” the PP has never had as Bildu’s preferred partner, nor has it led him to the leadership of the state. ”

“We are not going to collaborate in this approach of whitewashing Bildu in the institutions. Bildu is a party that does not condemn terrorism,” said the popular representative, who immediately pointed out that during the last year, what has occurred from the PSOE is “The approach of five prisoners convicted of terrorism. It is what is behind the support, for example, for the 2021 Budgets.”

“I understand that you are on a whitening task”

Subsequently, Fortes added that the approaches of ETA prisoners to Basque prisons “also” happened with Aznar, to which Gamarra replied: “He is insinuating that when the PP had government responsibilities it gave ETA the same prominence as that of Bildu. he has with Sánchez. I do not consent to it, because it is not true. ” “I understand that you are in a whitening task,” he concluded.

The presenter was surprised and wanted to know who he meant by “you”. “Am I whitewashing ETA?”, He asked repeatedly, to which Gamarra replied: “You are putting it on the same scale for me by wanting to justify what Pedro Sánchez is doing by saying that we did the same. And the PP has not negotiated or governed with the support of Bildu. Obviously, I cannot allow you to put us at the level of what Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE are doing at the moment. “

“Am I whitewashing ETA?”, Fortes insisted and the spokeswoman ruled that “chen you want to equate two totally different situations, you want us to consider them equal. “

After the answer and visibly upset, the journalist suddenly changed the subject and concluded: “I am not going to go into that. Just understand that it does not seem acceptable to me.” At the end, he snapped: “You called me ETA bleach, do you keep it?”, And Gamarra remained silent.

“I have been in this profession for 33 years. I started with 22, I am 55 and they have called me everything. This statement that I launder ETA is the most unworthy thing that they have told me live or on tape“Fortes confessed.” I give you the opportunity to reflect … And if you want, at the end of this program you withdraw those words and we forget. Do you keep it? “Finally, the spokeswoman retracted and pointed out that” perhaps she had exceeded that statement. “


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