World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: New feature, trailer, release date and how to sign up for the beta

Activision Blizzard’s follow up to world of warcraft has been officially announced – and the leaked title, dragon flightyou have been confirmed as fact.

This announcement took place during a live-stream event where the game’s developers detailed some of the new features that players can expect to see in the latest installment.

As the name suggests, dragon flight will focus on a new race of characters as well as playable and rideable dragons. The new setting will take players to the “Dragon Isles”, the ancient birthplace of dragonkind that remained a mystery in the world of Azeroth, until now.

Activision Blizzard also announced the release of World of Warcraft Classic: Wrath of the Lich King, a re-release of one of the most well loved expansions to come out for the series in the past.

The expansion doesn’t currently have a release date but it will be out for beta testing soon, according to the world of warcraft website.

If you’re interested in signing up for beta testing the game or simply want to know when the full expansion could be released, keep reading the rest of the article below.

When will ‘World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’ be released?

‘Dragonflight’ Announce Cinematic Trailer

During the live-stream, dragon flight wasn’t given a release date or a release window but, based on the time between announcement and release for the last expansion, Shadowlandswe could expect to see it released within the next year.

With Wrath of the Lich King expected to be released in June 2022 and the beta for Overwatch 2 taking place this year, Activision Blizzard could be looking to spread out its scheduled releases across the calendar. But as Shadowlands begins to wrap up, players will be eager to jump into the next expansion as soon as they can.

What new features will be included in ‘World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’?

dragon flight will not only introduce a new world to explore but also give players a new level cap of 70, an extra ten levels than the previous expansion. Players will also have access to World of Warcraft’s first playable race/class hybrid known as a “Dracthyr Evoker”. The evoker can switch freely between a humanoid and draconic form to battle enemies and overcome obstacles.

The new rideable dragons also introduce a new skill for players and will work differently than other riding mounts that have appeared in previous expansions. “Dragonriding” will require players to use momentum to out maneuver other dragonriders in aerial combat and level up their abilities.

A new talent system and interface will also bring a new look and feel to world of warcraft, with a skill tree broken in two; a talent tree and specialization trees to boost combat and healing powers.

How to sign up for the ‘World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’ beta

For players who want to explore the fabled Dragon Isles, you can opt in to gain access to an early beta version of the game before it’s officially released and receive news about the expansion and other updates.

Players can register their interest for the testing phase by signing up at the official dragon flight website.

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