Worker wins £17,000 after boss told her ‘I want to hump you’ in abuse campaign

Sasha Sasheva started working for 50-year-old Ala Uddin’s software firm All Techmart UK in October 2020 as an administrator and he sent her vile messaging propositioning her for sex and even appeared ‘hanging around’ her flat

Sasha started working for Ala Uddin's software firm All Techmart UK in October 2020
Sasha started working for Ala Uddin’s software firm All Techmart UK – pictured in London – in October 2020

An admin worker has been awarded more than £17,000 after her boss told her “I want to hump you”.

Sasha Sasheva was proposed by her boss Ala Uddin via text message and she says he stared at her so much in the office that it made her feel uncomfortable.

The tech firm employee blocked his number and had to move home after she saw him “hanging around” her flat.

Sasha was found to be a victim of sexual harassment due to “a nasty and serious abuse of power” by director Mr Uddin, an employment court has ruled.

She has been awarded £17,607.67 in compensation.

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Sasha started working for the 50-year-old’s software firm All Techmart UK in October 2020 as an administrator, the East London hearing heard.

She was the sole employee and while the two of them were in the office Mr Uddin stared at her “so much so it made her feel uncomfortable”.

The director also sent text messages to Sasha in November 2021 saying “I want to hump you” and “Love…when are you going to f***?”, the hearing was told.

Sasha said she complained she “could not have felt more uncomfortable” and became so scared that she started to work from home more often.

Mr Uddin also sent Sasha messages saying he missed her, the court heard.

In March 2021, Mr Uddin texted her asking if she was alone and Sasha then saw him “hanging around her flat”, the hearing was told.

Sasha says she then started to fear for her safety.

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Mr Uddin then sent another “obvious sexual proposition” in the same month, this time asking Sasha if she wanted to spend the night with him, it was said.

At this point, Sasha told him this was unacceptable harassment and told him to stop.

The court heard Mr Uddin then tried calling her numerous times until she blocked his number.

Sasha then resigned after the second proposition, because she was “upset and angry” with the harassment she experienced.

Sasha felt so harassed she reported the incident to the police, the court heard.

Employment Judge Sarah Moor said: “I have no doubt that at first the harassment made [Miss Sasheva] initially feel extremely uncomfortable, and nervous.

“She was too ashamed to seek support from members of her family initially. Most of them lived in Bulgaria and she did not wish to worry them unduly.

“I have no doubt that by the time she resigned she was scared, extremely upset and angry. She had been forced to leave her job because of unlawful sexual harassment in the form of propositions from her boss and only other member of staff.

“[Miss Sasheva] decided to move home because Mr Uddin had her address and she had seen him hanging around her flat. She did not feel safe coming and going.

“It is practically burdensome to have to move home, to pack, to find somewhere new, to change addresses and so on, but to do so because of harassment is even more upsetting.

“[She] she has regularly had moments when she freezes because of anxiety.

“She calls these panic attacks and they have happened about three times a week since her resignation. They are attributable, in my view, to the harassment… [She] has had nightmares but these have eased.

“The behavior was nasty sexual harassment by Mr Uddin in the form of sexual propositions and standing outside [her] home. It was an abuse of his power of her as her employer of her.

“In addition [Miss Sasheva] was made to feel uncomfortable by Mr Uddin staring at her and sending her inappropriate texts about missing her.

“The impact on [her] was increased because she was a lone worker. This exacerbated her discomfort and feelings that she was unsafe. She did not want to be near Mr Uddin.”

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