Wordle confirms the ‘best’ starting word to help you keep your streak going

Losing your Wordle streak is truly a tragedy for anyone obsessed with the viral word game. However, now there’s official confirmation of the best starting word now to make sure you keep the streak going

There have been many speculations about the best word to start a game of Wordle

Online word game Wordle has become a part of many of our lives since its launch in late 2021. The viral game involves players guessing one five-letter word within six tries and solving the daily puzzle has become a routine for many over the past few months .

The game was bought by The New York Times back in January, who have now introduced a new tool called WordleBot, which offers advice on your Wordle strategy.

One help offered by the bot includes the revelation of the best word to start your daily Wordle with. Here’s what you need to know about the best Wordle starting word to keep your streak going on the game.

What is the best starting word on Wordle?

Word has become a routine in our lives since the word game went viral in November 2021



Previously, people have speculated that words like “spire,” “nears” or “death,” are good starting words, with “adieu,” which makes use of four vowels at once also being considered an ideal word.

However, according to WordleBot, the perfect starting word on Wordle has been found to be “crane.” In the hard mode of the game, the best word to start is “dealt.”

The New York Times tool has also suggested words like “crate,” “slant,” “slate” and “trace,” as good guesses as well as “lance,” “carte,” “least” and “trice.”

What is WordleBot?

Crane has been confirmed as the best starting word on Wordle


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WordleBot is a new tool from New York Times, which breaks down your Wordle strategy and offers advice to help players improve their experiencing with daily word game.

The free-to-use tool assesses skill and luck of players, before giving them a percentage score, as well as the daily average.

Looking at skill, the bot determines “if you minimized the expected number of turns it would take to solve the puzzle,” and in terms of luck it looks at whether “your guesses eliminate more solutions than expected.”

WordleBot gives a step-by-step breakdown of your attempt at the puzzle, with recommended words marked by a gold tick.

This is followed by slides informing players about the number of possible solutions left, and what words they should have guessed instead. Finally, the bot reveals how it would solve the puzzle.

However, it’s worth noting that the word that’s the perfect opener for a computer may not necessarily be the right word for you.

The Times explained: “WordleBot has perfect knowledge of the 2,309 solutions stored in its memory. It’s likely that you do not. So while the bot might know the precise optimal path to take from a given guess, it’s possible that you might not and that a different guess would be more likely to lead you to the answer.”

Ultimately, unless you’re playing in the hard mode – where “any revealed hints must be used in subsequent guesses” – every game in Wordle is fully solvable no matter what word you begin with.

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