Woman’s horror after unleashed dog attacks precious pet – and her plea to other owners

A woman has urged other dog owners to be responsible and keep their pets on a lead after an unleashed dog viciously attacked her precious pet – nearly killing the small animal.

Jess Lovery, a healthcare worker from Hyde, was out walking her Lakeland Terrier Red with partner Andy on Wednesday afternoon, April 20. The three of them were on Croft Street heading towards the canal when two dogs came out of the back garden of a house on Cleveland Ave.

At first, the two dogs were just sniffing around Red and Jess wasn’t concerned, but then the female dog put her jaws around Red’s neck and started attacking her. Even when the two owners were able to separate the dogs, it was hard to tell how serious Red’s injuries were until later on.

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“The guy just told me to keep applying Germolene to it said I didn’t need to take her the vets. It wasn’t until I did and they’ve taken a better look at how close it was too her main vein.

“My dog ​​had a hole in her neck, she needed to be operated on and she’s very lucky to be alive. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I rarely take her out as she doesn’t like other dogs, and if I do it’s only local, just round my block.

“We thought because it’s a nice day we will walk down the canal but I’ll be nervous to take her out again. It could have been much worse as the other dog just missed her main vein.”

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Poor Red is now recovering at home, but will need to see the vet again in ten days to have her stitches taken out

Jess has tried to contact the owner of the two dogs, which she believes are boxer-type breeds, to tell him the extent of Red’s injuries. Neither dog was on a lead when she saw them, but the male dog jumped up behind Red before leaving her alone, which is when the female dog attacked her.

Red is currently doing well, although she will need to see the vet again in ten days time to have her stitches taken out. Jess shared pictures of Red’s horrific injuries to try and convince other owners to be responsible and keep their dogs on leads to prevent attacks like this.

Red was on a short, non-extendable lead at all points of the walk so Jess could keep her under control, and she hopes the post will help other owners see why it’s so important that they do the same.

It wasn’t until Red was at the vets that the full extent of her injuries became clear

“If my dog ​​did that I would be mortified,” she added. “I just want people with other dogs to be careful and dogs must always be on a lead.”

“The guy kept telling me he was sorry and his dog’s never done anything like it before. Well, if she’s never done it before once he knows how bad it is he will be mortified, it nearly killed her.

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“I just want people to keep dogs on leads, my dog ​​could have died, or my child could have been walking Red when it happened, it doesn’t bare thinking about it.

Red’s injuries could have been far worse, says owner Jess

“Red’s doing OK now but it was just so scary, it was only a couple of minutes but I couldn’t believe what was happening.”

Jess has reported the incident to the RSPCA and also to Greater Manchester Police, who have been contacted for comment. So far, despite several attempts to contact the owner, Jess has not managed to reach him.

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