Woman’s home flooded 16 times in just one year – when it rains a ‘river’ runs over her driveway


A homeowner has complained to the council after her house flooded 16 times in just one year.

Sue Eveleigh, who lives on Coupland Close in Whitworth, says her home flooded eight times in January last year and problems have continued since.

When it rains, the water runs in a ‘river’ across her driveway.

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Sue told Lancs Live that water pours down from the field above her house and temporarily floods her back garden.

Lancashire County Council, the lead local flood authority, said they were ‘aware’ of the issue on Coupland Close and were ‘sympathetic to residents’ concerns’.

They added that residents had been advised on measures to protect their homes, but said they were not aware of any internal flooding to properties and that they had to ‘prioritise improvements for locations where there is a record of internal flooding to properties’.

Water leaving the track and heading for Sue’s garden

Sue said: “It has been an inch or two deep round the walls of the house, and it brings mud and stones down with it which collect on the path round the house.

“It has caused me a lot of worry and some disturbed nights.

“It has also caused me a lot of work, sweeping and shoveling up the mud and stones that have been washed down.

“I have spent a lot of time trying to get something done about it, but so far I don’t feel I have achieved anything.”

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The flooding at her home occurred eight times in January 2021, once each in February and March, three times in May and once in December before the latest incident earlier this month.

Sue added: “The unadopted road below my house was resurfaced in 2020 but it is all potholed again because of all the water, and when last winter the ‘river’ running down to the road froze, I had to put loads of salt down to try to prevent anyone slipping on it and causing an injury to themselves.

“I think climate change is largely to blame and I think there should be some way the community as a whole could sort out these problems.”

A spokesperson for Lancashire County Council said: “We are aware of an issue on Coupland Close where water naturally drains from private agricultural land which is at a higher elevation, causing temporary flooding to people’s gardens.

“We are sympathetic to residents’ concerns, and have advised them about measures they can take to protect their homes, and minimize the impact should flooding occur, however we are not aware of any reports of this issue having caused internal flooding to residents’ homes. .

“As the lead local flood authority we have to prioritize improvements for locations where there is a record of internal flooding to properties, and we can only do this when a reasonable solution can be identified to mitigate the issue which allows us to access the funding available .”

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