Woman’s holiday hell on £150-per-night trip spent with ‘screaming’ strangers

Holly Long, 23, and her friends thought they had the whole holiday home to themselves but were greeted by a rowdy group of girls they had never met before

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Couple in stitches after after accidentally booking onto group holiday

A holidaymaker was baffled after splashing out on a £150-per-night trip to Manchester without realising she would be sharing with a group of “screaming” strangers.

Holly Long, 23, could not stop laughing when she arrived at the pricey getaway only to discover she had not booked the entire house.

She and pals Callum Clancy and Liam Cates booked the property on Booking.com, but claim there was no indication on the listing that it would be a shared rental.

The group, from York, North Yorkshire, arrived on Friday for what soon became a holiday from hell spent listening to the group of girls arguing at their houseshare.

She said: “Me and my best friends pulled up and literally almost died when we realised we were in a shared house and all of the lights were on, meaning people were already in.

Ms Long said the building smelt of stale curry which had been left by the sink


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“The smell of curry was so strong as soon as we walked in, we went into the kitchen to find a bowl of curry with the skin over it which was obviously causing the smell.

“As we were getting ready to head to the Christmas markets the other guests in the house were literally screaming at each other for ages.

“They were arguing from the second we got there.”

The next morning, Ms Long spotted “mounds of rubbish” stacked outside her window and a bed thrown into the garden.

Ms Long joked about the holiday rental’s “stunning views” when she woke to find a bed tossed out into the garden


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The friends could not stop laughing when they realised they would be sharing the pad with a group of disgruntled strangers.


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“When I saw the garden I nearly p****d my pants,” she added.

The hairdresser documented the nightmare trip in a hilarious TikTok video showing her and her friends in fits of laughter after realising what had happened.

“Fair to say I will not be taking charge of booking accommodation next time,” she wrote in the post which has gained more than 12,000 likes.

Viewers commented on how shocked they were by the rental fail.

“The room with the view that did it for me, I am laughing my a** off girl,” one person wrote.

“It’s the view for me, you can’t beat the damp sheet views,” another commented.

One horrified viewer insisted “I’d be doing a runner” while another joked “get out of there or you’ll be getting chopped up.”

Ms Long explained that she would not have minded the £150-per-night price tag if the rooms were okay and that she thought she had booked the whole place.

Heaps of rubbish were piled up outside their window


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“It was my fault really, but it doesn’t say it’s a shared house,” she said.

“I should have looked at the reviews because they’re nothing but red flags but I obviously didn’t look into it well enough.

“We just laughed about it so much, safe to say I won’t be taking charge of booking our accommodation again.”

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