Woman’s fury as neighbor keeps coming into garden insisting part of it is hers

When it comes to neighbours, some get on relatively well, while others engage in regular disputes.

Some are trying to keep the peace between these two extremes, keeping their neighbors on side to have a civil relationship.

One woman has told of how she is trying to do just this with her neighbor and avoid any conflict, however they have encountered an issue, The Mirror reports.

Writing in a post on Mumsnet, the unnamed woman claimed that her neighbor keeps coming into her front garden and has even started weeding it.

The other woman is under the impression that a portion of the garden belongs to her and insists that the boundaries are wrong.

She doesn’t want to confront her neighbor (Stock Image)

She and her partner have checked their deeds and are positive the neighbor is wrong – but she keeps coming into the garden.

The post reads: “Moved house three months ago. Next door neighbors seem fine, however, about a month ago the lady collared me as I was setting off on the school run to ask about popping into the front garden to access something.

“I had my two-year-old kicking off as standard and was quite distracted so (also wanting to be an amenable neighbour) said yes fine and set off on my way.

“A week or so later, I came home to find her sitting on my driveway weeding. Before I had a chance to ask what she was doing, my four-year-old innocently asked why she was sitting in our garden to which she replied ‘well this bit is actually my garden’.

“I asked what she meant and she began waffling about how the boundary goes beyond the fence they erected and this strip of land is actually hers, she just hasn’t been able to access the garden to weed it for some time.

“Confused and again distracted by the kids, I went inside and relayed the conversation to another half who was NOT happy, especially after getting the title deeds out which shows the boundary line as being in line with the brickwork of our garage.”

She goes on to say how the woman recently came in the garden again without asking and put down weed matting along the strip of land she claims is hers.

Now her other half is furious with her for letting the woman come in the garden in the first place and not setting her straight about the boundary.

He’s demanding she go and tell the neighbor the truth, but the woman is worried about starting an argument.

She added: “I HATE confrontation, even when I’m in the right feel guilty and uncomfortable like I’m doing something terribly wrong in asserting myself or opposing something, and usually end up getting shouted down and back down.

“Dreading this conversation. Have they got a leg to stand on if I say take the matting away and stay on your side of the fence? Am I about to make a dick of myself and an enemy in my new neighbours?”

More than 160 people responded to the post, with many agreeing the woman should set the record straight with her neighbour.

One person replied: “Just take a copy of the deeds and show her, it really doesn’t need to be a big drama.”

Another said: “I believe that the deeds are the end of it. Just take round a copy. No need to have a fight as it might very genuinely be a misunderstanding.”

A third added: “I also hate confrontation so can imagine how you are feeling. As others have suggested, print off a copy of the deeds and knock on the door.

“Apologise for not being able to stop and talk the other day to clarify the garden situation and show the deeds saying the garden does belong to you.

“If they get funny or snippy about it, firmly reiterate that the land belongs to you according to the deeds, give them the copy and leave. Remove any products they have placed down and return to them.”

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