Woman who paid £25k to become single mum spends further £15k trying for sibling

Single mum Tasha Hughes, 42, who works as an NHS manager, spent £25,000 on fertility treatments to conceive her first child Arthur, and has now spent another £15,000 trying to give him a biological sibling

Single mum Tasha Hughes, 42, decided to start her own small family without a partner
Single mum Tasha Hughes, 42, decided to start her own small family without a partner

A single mum has spent over £36,000 on fertility treatment to create her dream family from the same sperm donor.

Tasha Hughes, 42, an NHS manager, is hoping to expand her family with the same donor used to conceive her son, Arthur.

She spent £25,000 on having Arthur, and has so far spent another £15,000 trying to give him a brother or sister.

But Tasha says she will only do one more round of IVF due to the financial, physical and emotional toll of the treatment.

She said: “It’s not just financially sustainable, it’s the physical and emotional toll of trying to get pregnant.

“That’s why I’m only trying once more to give Arthur a sibling.”

Tasha said she always wanted children and in her early 20s assumed she would meet someone to start a family with.

Tasha has paid thousands on her IVF fertility treatments


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But by the time she was in her 30s, and still hadn’t met someone she clicked with, she started looking into alternatives.

At a similar time, a colleague was leaving work for maternity leave who had chosen to be a single mum, which opened Tasha’s eyes.

She said: “I hadn’t realised that that was an option for me, that I could do this by myself.

“It was like everything fell into place and I knew then what I wanted to do.”

She wants the same donor used to conceive her first child for her second baby


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By her mid 30s, Tasha hadn’t found someone she clicked with emotionally


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Both Tasha’s parents were supportive of her decision, and willing to assist with child-care, which made the decision more feasible.

Overall, Tasha had 14 IUIs and six miscarriages before she became pregnant with her son.

She said: “I’ve always known I would have liked to have lots of kids, but I knew that if I was doing it on my own that might not be possible.

“It had taken me 14 tries to have my son so I knew emotionally as well as financially I couldn’t go to the same lengths twice.

She wanted the same donor so Arthur can have a biologically related sibling


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“I got six lots of sperm from the same donor after I had my son and so I gave myself six tries to have a sibling.

“I’ve got one more cycle left to try.”

Tasha particularly wanted Arthur to have a sibling who shared his conception story, and spoke about the importance of being upfront with children conceived via a sperm donor.

She said: “As soon as he could understand the words I was saying he understood his story.

“He’s still a bit young to fully understand everything but I call the donor ‘my donor’ to him, and I’m trying to take the lead from him as to how we talk about him.

“I think it’s so important that the child has the option to contact their donor once they’re old enough.”

She also revealed her happiness since having her son.

She said: “It’s amazing. Of course you don’t need to be a parent to feel complete but for me he’s just filled that hole I didn’t know I had.

“It’s not as though my life was broken before and he’s fixed it, but having him has made me feel like I have meaning.

“It’s obviously hard work but it pales in comparison to the joy he’s brought into my life.”

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