Woman under fire for ‘lacking empathy’ as she refuses to go to sister’s wedding

A woman has been heavily criticized for admitting she’s refusing to go to her sister’s wedding purely because it’s child-free and so her kids can’t go – and it’s causing a big family rift

A family is in turmoil as one woman is refusing to go to her sister's wedding
A family is in turmoil as one woman is refusing to go to her sister’s wedding (stock photo)

Deciding on who gets a spot on the guestlist at your wedding is no easy task for couples.

But you’d generally expect family members to attend and share in your special day – otherwise, major rows can break out.

One woman has been slammed online for admitting she is snubbing her own sister’s wedding because children aren’t allowed to go.

As more and more couples opt for a “child-free” wedding, the woman was devastated to learn her two sons weren’t welcome, and she knew immediately she wouldn’t be going.

The woman won’t go to her sister’s wedding because her kids can’t go (stock photo)



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“I congratulated her, but I told her as it’s child-free and I have two sons, I wouldn’t be able to make it [and] I would send a gift with our parents,” she wrote on Reddit.

She continued to say she believes weddings should be “family events”, but she feels like she can’t bring her family to join in with the celebrations.

“Our parents are the important people to be there for her special day, so I don’t feel my presence as direly needed,” she added.

Her sister was “upset” and “yelled at her” about it, demanding she hire a babysitter – but the woman reasoned that her parents were still going to the wedding, and they were more important.

The woman doesn’t want to go if her children can’t enjoy the day with her (stock photo)



“She got angry because last year I attended our cousin’s wedding, and she feels hers should be more important and one I should want to attend,” she went on.

“Their wedding wasn’t childfree, my kids were there, very well behaved and it was definitely a family event. I don’t feel that I should shell out money to have someone watch my kids, just to watch her get married and honestly I just don’t want to.

“She got angry and is now involving my husband and parents in my decision, saying if I choose not to come she won’t speak to me again (her hill to die on, not my problem).”

The post sparked debate in the comment section – with most agreeing the woman was being unreasonable.

“You are showing your sister how little you care for her,” wrote one.

“Weddings are not a family [event] by default. Also – did you know you can be a family without children (mind blown),” added another.

“Another astonishing fact is that parents don’t have to do everything with their kids.

“And the fact that you keep belittling it by saying ‘just a wedding’ shows how little you care about your sister, but then again it sounds like you don’t like her and are doing this to hurt her.”

Someone else added: “I am in SHOCK at this person. Completely lacking in empathy.”

Do you think the woman is wrong to refuse to go to the wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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