Woman sparks backlash after allowing dog to lick boyfriend’s Starbucks drink because barista forgot pup cup

A woman has found herself embroiled in controversy after she jokingly revealed how she handled a Starbucks barista forgetting to include her dog’s pup cup in her order.

In a video posted this week, Mackenzie, who goes by the username @mackenzieconro on TikTok, revealed that she had placed an order for a couple Starbucks drinks and a pup cup at one of the coffee chain’s drive-thru windows.

However, once Mackenzie received her order, she realized that her dog had not gotten the cup of whipped cream that she had requested, so instead decided to let the pet lick the lid of her boyfriend’s drink because she was “scared to ask” for the additional item.

In the clip, which was filmed inside Mackenzie’s car, her dog can be seen licking the lid of the iced Starbucks drink in the cup holder.

“When they forgot the pup cup and you’re scared to ask for it because they’re busy so you just let your dog go to town on your boyfriend’s drink because you’re mad he didn’t already wake you up with Starbucks, ” she wrote in a text caption on the clip, adding in the caption: “I still feel guilty.”

The video has since been viewed more than 2.3m times, with many viewers expressing their disgust and disapproval over the TikToker’s actions.

“That’s revolting,” one viewer wrote, while another said: “People really refuse to find a spouse they love. Just leave bro, not that hard.”

Others noted that caffeine can be toxic for dogs, with someone else accusing Mackenzie of letting her “dog risk injury for a TikTok,” while someone else asked: “Why would you let your dog keep licking it?”

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According to the Pet Poison Helpline, caffeine can be dangerous, and even deadly, to dogs, however, “one to two laps of coffee, tea or soda will not contain enough caffeine to cause poisoning in most pets”.

In response to the concerns about the dog’s wellbeing, Mackenzie wrote in the comments that “the lid was on, so he actually wasn’t drinking any of it!”

“It just made him happy,” she added.

In another comment, the TikToker also clarified that the video had been created as a joke, and that she eventually went through the drive-thru again to buy another drink for her boyfriend.

“GUYS IT’S A JOKE I literally circled back through the drive-thru!! Lesson learned just ask for the pup cup so I don’t have to buy another drink,” she wrote.

While many viewers were upset by the video, others came to Mackenzie’s defense, with one person writing: “Clearly the comment section doesn’t own a dog. This is great.”

“People need to chill. This is hilarious and adorable, I give it A+,” someone else commented.

The video also prompted responses from several viewers who identified themselves as Starbucks baristas, who assured Mackenzie that they are never too busy to make a pup cup.

“As a fellow barista… pup cups are personally my favorite drinks to make and I’ll hold up the line for an extra second to spoil any pup,” one viewer wrote, while another said: “Literally never too busy for a pup cup pls ask for one!!”

As for those concerned about Mackenzie’s boyfriend, she also noted in the comments that she had sent him the video of the dog licking the lid.

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The Independent has contacted Mackenzie for comment.


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