Woman slates Lake District mountain for being ‘too high’ with ‘no facilities’ in weird TripAdvisor review

With stunning scenery, beautiful lakes and dramatic fells, the Lake District is one of the top tourism destinations in the UK.

It’s inspired people for generations and, with lots of things to see and do, continues to draw in visitors from all over the world.

The national park’s impressive mountain’s are not to be missed, offering rewarding hikes and dramatic views, Lancs Live reports.

Yet there are visitors who feel the Lake District’s mountains need to be improved.

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Some of the reviews of our fells on TripAdvisor aren’t as flattering as you’d think.

One review of Skiddaw left on TripAdvisor comments that it’s too high, has no facilities and is underdeveloped.

At 931 meters, Skiddaw is surrounded by flat valleys which isolate it from other Lakeland fells.

One woman compared Skiddaw to Snowdon.

Leaving a one-star review on TripAdvisor, she said: “Compared to Snowdon summit this is a weak and poorly developed visitor attraction. Snowdon has a funicular railway to carry people to the summit. At Snowdon summit, there is an excellent visitor center with a full range of facilities – and the whole operation attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors per year.

“Ascending to the summit of Skiddaw is an exhausting experience on the basis that the only means to get up there is to walk. It is just too high and too steep for most people. How can the Lake District National Park people expect people to go up there?. Be warned that… THERE ARE NO FACILITIES AT THE SUMMIT. If you actually make it to the summit and then need the toilet then that is just too bad!

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“I visited the summit this last weekend and was very disappointed with the experience. There was sod all to see and do there. If people had to pay to go there then nobody, and I mean nobody, would bother with it.

“The National Park people should charge visitors £5 to go the summit and use the proceeds to develop it. Essentials include a proper visitor centre. Long to medium term, consideration should be given to building a funicular railway to Skiddaw summit.”

Another one-star review said: “OK, I guess it is the third highest peak in England. But there isn’t a lot to do there. I was up there this weekend and the so called “summit shelter” was full of snow.” There was a gale force wind blowing and a fierce wind chill factor.Every surface was covered with a crust of ice.

“What the summit needs is a café, visitor center and toilet block. If these were installed then it would offer a much more satisfactory experience for visitors. For sure this would attract many more visitors and would generate some profit for the local business community. That apart, it’s quite hard work getting up there and this excludes anyone who is even slightly mobility impaired.

“To be fair, the Skiddaw summit is not bad but it needs a lot more development to turn it into a serious visitor attraction.”

However, a number of excellent reviews have been left on TripAdvisor.

One person said: “Visited Skiddaw for the hike to the summit and back. We wanted to complete Little man Skiddaw as well which was great and is easy to fit into the route. The beginning is very steep so take it at your pace and save your energy. The views are amazing. Some of the best in the UK I recommend getting there early in the morning as the small car park fills up very quickly. Great hike and would do again.”

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Another left the review: “Decided to climb Skiddaw on bank holiday Monday before heading home from a stay in Keswick. It was 20 degrees so maybe not the best day but the breeze at the summit cooled us down nicely!

“We walked from our hotel in Keswick which added about 45mins/an hour each way onto the walk. You can walk up it, there’s no ‘climbing’ involved although it’s a steep incline and you’ll feel it in your thighs. Me and my partner are fairly fit and we found it challenging but fun.

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