Woman in disbelief after ‘cheeky’ neighbors ‘steal’ her Valentine’s takeaway

A woman was left stunned after her “cheeky” neighbors nicked her Valentine’s Day takeaway.

Taking to Mumsnet’s Am I Being Unreasonable [AIBU] forum, she explained that she had been looking forward to having a “matey dinner with an ex” to celebrate the romantic holiday.

However, the night ended in frustration when she had to wait an extra hour for the food to be delivered – after the first order was taken by a neighbor when it was accidentally delivered to the wrong address.

The woman called the restaurant manager who confirmed that the delivery driver had gone to the incorrect door – even telling her the house number of where the takeaway was brazenly accepted.

She sought advice from fellow Mumsnet users and asked whether it was unreasonable to send her neighbors a note to make them “squirm.”

She penned: “We have just had to wait more than an extra hour for our delivery because the first one they sent was apparently accepted by the occupier when the teenage driver knocked at the wrong house. The houses do look alike so mistakes happen and the weather is bad tonight.

“I rang the restaurant manager when tracking said it was delivered (it wasn’t). He gave me the usual “on its way” flannel you get from managers who don’t know what’s happened. So I said don’t worry. Busy night.We will wait.

“He rang back half an hour later, outraged himself at what he has realized and told me “naughty number blah-di-blah took it, my driver knocked the wrong door”. I didn’t ask which house. I didn’t get a chance. He obviously wanted me to know he wasn’t lying. So he told me specifically and now I know.

“Luckily a matey dinner with ex instead of a romantic curry night. Do I pop a note along to point out its not nice to take stuff you haven’t paid for? Just so they know?”

In a follow up comment, she added: “Maybe I should say that we are in a terrace where all the fronts look similar and all the front doors are black, so neighbourliness here does mean returning stray parcels and sometimes putting up with tipsy people trying the wrong door.

“There would be chaos if we all start acting like they have. I’m not fuming but I do want to make them squirm, cheeky gets.”

One woman's Valentine's Day curry was taken in by a neighbour.
One woman’s Valentine’s Day curry was taken in by a neighbour.

Hundreds of Mumsnet users shared their thoughts beneath her post.

One said: “You are nicer than me. I would be knocking on their door tonight.”

Another disagreed and said: “I have been the wrong door for my neighbors so many times the next takeaway is staying with me. It’s so annoying, having someone knock on your door at some ungodly time or when I’m working with deliveries for some f***er from No 10.”

A third commented: “Also wondering why you haven’t knocked on their door and asked if they took in your takeaway in error.” The original poster replied: “How do you take a meal you didn’t order “in error”?”

Another Mumsnet user said: “Just posting to say “what CF’s [cheeky f***ers] accept a delivery that they know full well they haven’t ordered or paid for”!? Brass neck! We’ve had a couple of deliveries for next door over the years and we’ve always pointed them in the right direction, not once did I think “oh that’s nice, I quite fancy a free random pizza that I didn’t order and f*** whoever it actually belongs to”.

A fifth said: “This is really annoying. But it might have been taken in error (eg one housemate opened the door, assumed other housemate ordered takeaway, too late to hand it back once driver left). So I’d just let it go.”

A sixth suggested: “Have you a Facebook community group? Tag them in a post, say much as you’d love to donate takeaways to them they owe you £20 or whatever it was.”

Another commented: “I’d so go round! If you know the number it went to, I’d be round in a flash!”

And another added: “You could send them an anonymous valentine’s day card:

roses are red,
violets are blue,
I hope you enjoyed
my vindaloo”.

In a follow up comment, the woman added: “Thanks everyone for making us laugh.”

At the time of writing, 89% of Mumsnet users agreed with the woman and voted she was not being unreasonable.

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