Woman horrified to find ‘wriggling caterpillar’ on KFC chicken wing she was eating

Jody Bishop, from Tredegar, Wales, ordered a KFC delivery on Friday night, but was left feeling ‘physically sick’ after noticing something small and dark ‘doing a little dance’ on a hot wing she’d just bitten a chunk out of

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KFC customer discovers wriggling ‘caterpillar’ in her food

A woman was left feeling “physically sick” after finding a caterpillar wriggling over the KFC chicken wing she’d just bitten into.

Jody Bishop and her partner fancied a takeaway to top off a cozy night in at their home in Tredegar, Wales, and decided to place an order with the popular fast food chain.

They received their order from the nearby Ebbw Vale branch and both tucked into their own meal for one – which contained two pieces of original recipe chicken, two hot wings and two fillets, Wales Online reports.

Jody then put her plate down to fetch a drink, but when she returned she spotted something small and dark “doing a little dance” on the hot wing she had already bitten a chunk out of.

The pair, who recorded the squirming insect, said they believe the creepy crawly was a caterpillar.

In the clip it can be seen seemingly wriggling on the plate as it’s gently prodded by a piece of fried chicken.

Jody Bishop had just tucked in to a KFC chicken wing when she spotted something wriggling on it


Jody Bishop)

Jody said: “We’d ordered these two meals for one for delivery. We were halfway through eating it and everything seemed to be fine.

“I went to get myself a drink and came back, and noticed something moving along the chicken bone.

“It was doing a little dance on the chicken, it was horrible. That piece of chicken had just been in my mouth, and God knows how many more there might have been in there.”

After finding the discovery, Jody stopped eating immediately and was left feeling “physically sick.”

“I had to run to the toilet and be sick,” she said.

“It was so unpleasant, to say the least. I actually couldn’t believe that it had happened, but it left me feeling so unwell, knowing I’d just taken a bite out of that chicken.”

Jody even had to go home early from her job on a Covid testing site the following day, as she continued to feel ill hours after.

She said she has tried repeatedly to get in contact with KFC to complain about the incident.

The pair did get a refund for the meal, but she thinks more should be done.

The couple had been enjoying a cozy night in at their home in Tredegar, Wales when they discovered the insect


Jody Bishop)

“We got our money back, but that’s not really good enough, is it?” she said.

“It’s absolutely disgusting to find something like that in your food and it’s caused me to feel really sick. How can they get away with serving that to their customers?”

The Mirror has contacted KFC for comment.

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