Woman gives dingy staircase a colorful makeover – and it looks just like the famous stairs in Netflix’s Squid Game

A young woman has given her once dark and dingy hallway a colorful makeover – and it looks rather familiar.

Fans of Netflix’s hit show Squid Game may recognize that the pastel-colored stairs that Hannah Bishop has created bare a resemblance to those featured on the show.

Although it was not her intention, her vibrant new staircase looks just like one used in the South Korean series Squid Game – which continues to be Netflix’s most-watched series ever.

The popular thriller, which has been confirmed for season two, follows desperate, poor people who are invited to take part in a mystery game for a massive sum of money.

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On their way to and back from each challenge, if they survive that is, the contestants walk up and down an enormous and rather striking set of multicolored stairs.

The staircase in Netflix’s hit series Squid Game

Whilst renovating her Victorian flat on a budget, 32-year-old Hannah decided to turn her ordinary hallway into a ‘colourful dream’.

With what she describes as her ‘juvenile taste in decor’, Hannah’s colour-block stairs have unintentionally been created in the same pastel tones as those in Squid Game.

The rather quirky hallway transformation cost Hannah just £87 in total.

Her staircase bars a resemblance to the ones in Squid Game

“My husband and I don’t believe in taking life too seriously and our flat is a reflection of that,” she told Leader Doors.

“I love playing with unusual color combinations inspired by the world around me such as the vibrant beach huts of Brighton where we met or street art around Leith where we live now.

“I’m always looking for fun ways to transform spaces on a tight budget.”

The finished look

Hannah spent £77 on paint and £10 on filler to makeover her stairs.

“I love the lilac alcove, it’s where I think the color combination really pops,” she said.

“Preparation is key, especially if you’re transforming something with paint like we have, you’ll always need to sand more than you think you will too.

“The great thing about simply using paint to update a space is that you don’t really need to add anything, we just made the most of what was already there.

“The only thing I did add was a punch needle mirror I made using yarn from my stash and a cheap mirror from Amazon.”

Hannah’s mirror from Amazon

When it came to prepare Hannah and her husband did all the work themselves.

“Before we started the walls were covered in a mint woodchip so we started by stripping that which was no easy process,” Hannah said.

“Once that was complete, we inspected the walls and decided to use filler to smooth them out rather than pay to re-plaster as we were on a budget

“We then got to work ripping up the old carpet that was there, removing the carpet grips and nails, filling any holes with wood filler, before sanding every wooden surface and the hand rail multiple times.”

Hannah’s home has a colourful, quirky design

To recreate the look yourself, she suggests: “Pick two fresh colors that are often not in combination with one another (mint and lilac or pink and yellow) and get painting.

“Our interiors are very much trial and error, we give anything a go and aren’t afraid to make mistakes. If you can shake off the fear and just try things out, you can land on some really beautiful spaces.”


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