Woman fractured friend’s skull by pushing her downstairs in fight over jeans

Lorraine Farrin, 21, paced around her home in Rochdale shouting insults at her friend who had blood coming out of her ear after she was pushed head-first down the stairs

Lorraine Farrin was sentenced for GBH
Lorraine Farrin was sentenced for GBH

A woman launched her friend down the stairs and fractured her scull during a row over a pair of jeans.

Lorraine Farrin went upstairs with her victim to try on some clothes at a 2020 Halloween house party at her home in Rochdale.

They both came downstairs to show off what they were wearing, the Manchester Evening News reported.

However, when one of the guests went up to use the bathroom at about 9.30pm, she heard the duo arguing over a pair of jeans.

Farrin, 21, was heard saying “I want my jeans back” to her friend who still had them on, Charlotte Rimmer, prosecuting, told Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court, sitting at Stockport Magistrates’ Court.

Farrin pushed her friend down the stairs


Manchester Evening News)

She was then heard saying “f*****g have them then” before Farrin pushed her victim headlong from the top of the stairs all the way to the bottom, causing her to hit her head on an open door and her body to slam onto the laminate floor.

Farrin was then heard saying: “W***, I hope she dies, s**g.”

Shocked party-goers saw blood coming out of the victim’s right ear, the court heard, with the woman unconscious for 10 minutes.

All the while Farrin paced around the kitchen calling her a ‘s**g and aw***e’.

The victim was taken home by friends without having any medical treatment but woke up the following day with her pillow soaked with blood.

She went to hospital and a CT scan revealed her skull was fractured in two places and she had a perforated eardrum.

One of the fractures was from the base of her skull to her right eye socket.

His Honor Judge John Potter heard that, as a result of the assault, the victim now suffers from persistent migraine headaches and has been forced to make “significant changes” in her job.

Defending, Daniel Lister said that Farrin was seven months pregnant and already had one child, for whom she was the sole carer.

The 21-year-old was sentenced to a 12 month suspended sentence


Manchester Evening News)

She had no previous convictions.

She was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years, with a 30 days’ rehabilitation activity requirement and 90 days’ alcohol monitoring.

Judge Potter told Farrin: “You have no previous convictions, but you are someone who faces the prospect of being sentenced for a very serious offense in Crown Court for the first, and I hope the only time in your life.

“These proceedings should be a salutary lesson for you.

“I hope that the sentence I impose upon you and this experience will ensure that the behavior that you exhibited when you caused a serious injury in October 2020 is never to be repeated by you.”

He said that part of the reason for the suspended sentence and that she was not jailed immediately was to rehabilitate her.

“(The victim) was a friend of yours who had been invited to a house party at your address,” Judge Potter said.

“During the course of that party, alcohol was consumed to excess by you and it appears (the victim) was trying clothes on with your encouragement, coming downstairs to show them to others, in particular a pair of jeans.

“At one point you asked her to take the jeans off.

“An argument about this started with both of you upstairs.

“It was in the course of that argument that you lost your temper and deliberately pushed your victim’s head first down the stairs in your house, her head striking an open door at the bottom of the stairs.”

Judge Potter said that as well as the physical injuries, her victim had suffered ‘psychological harm’.

He added: “You made matters significantly worse when you degraded your victim calling her names as she was lying unconscious and abusing her, making matters worse.

“Thereafter you started to lie about what had happened and tried to get others also to lie about what had happened.

“This resulted in a trial at magistrates’ court at which your version of events was not accepted.

“I accept you are a young woman who has had difficulties in life which contributed to this offence.”

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