Woman forced to deny she’s pretending to be black after cruel trolls call her ‘racist’


Robyn Warren, from Newcastle, Tyneside, has been accused of “blackfishing” – a subject in the spotlight after a spat between singers Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Robyn Warren has been forced to defended herself from claims she is 'racist'
Robyn Warren has been forced to defended herself from claims she is ‘racist’

A betting shop worker has been branded “racist” by cruel trolls who accuse her of pretending to be black.

Robyn Warren has defended herself after online bullies went to extreme lengths to prove she’s “blackfishing” – a term used to describe a white person who alters their appearance to look like a black person.

The subject has created headlines after a row between singers Jesy Nelson and Little mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

Robyn, from Newcastle, has been attacked by trolls with one even delving into Facebook accounts of her friends and family, digging up old photos of Robyn to prove she used to be “more white-looking”.

She told StokeOnTrentLive of her ordeal and was stunned to be labelled racist.

She says trolls have dug into social media accounts of friends and family to try to prove she used to look ‘more white’


Kennedy News and Media)

The 22-year-old has now had to turn comments on her TikTok videos off


Kennedy News and Media)

They accuse Robyn of using fake tan, lip filler and having a perm in order to appear that she is of black heritage, calling her look “racially ambiguous”.

The 22-year-old said: “The whole reason people initially started attacking my appearance was because they couldn’t get their heads round how a white person can have curly hair.

“It’s literally a tiny bit of lip filler. Before then my lips were naturally very big anyway, and I don’t even wear that much fake tan. I go darker when I’m on holiday.

“Because of all three aspects people just think I must be mixed race, and when they found out I wasn’t they said, ‘You’re trying to be black then’, but that’s not the case.”

A row between Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock saw ‘blackfishing’ become a topic of discussion


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She said the curly hair runs in the family on her dad’s side, and her mum’s family has Italian roots.

The problems started when an anonymous troll saw her TikTok videos and decided to “expose” her for “blackfishing”, she said.

She added: “Someone just went on my best friend’s Facebook and found pictures of this girl that looks a little bit like me, but I hadn’t even met my friend by the time those pictures were posted.

“Then they found pictures of me from when I was younger, when I used to straighten my hair every day because I hated my hair.

“They think that was my natural hair and now it’s a perm, but it’s the other way round.”

She added that the main photo used by the trolling account shows a pale-skinned blonde girl. But she says it’s not her, but another girl from the Potteries.

She says the trolls just don’t believe her, and have branded her a racist.

Robyn continued: “I try my best to defend myself but there’s just no winning at all. I had a comment saying ‘It’s racist to try to change your features to look a different race,’ and then when I said I’ve never wanted to be black, they said ‘Racist’. I literally cannot win.

She said she has now had to turn off the comments on her TikTok videos for fear of trolls inundating them with her abusive messages.

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