Woman ‘crying non-stop’ after being given ‘3 days’ notice’ to move out home of 25 years

Michelle Edwards has lived in her London flat for more than 25 years and is “incredibly stressed out, I can’t even quantify the level of stress and anxiety, and it’s just been relentless”

Michelle has been ‘crying non-stop’ since she was asked to move out

A disabled woman whose foot was detached from her leg claims a council gave her just three days to pack up her things and move out when she was asked to leave her flat.

Michelle Edwards, 47, claims the council even offered to provide a van to help her with the move, although she says this never happened.

She has lived in her London flat for more than 25 years and says she hasn’t been able to stop crying since she was handed the unexpected notice last week, reports MyLondon.

“I’m incredibly stressed out, I can’t even quantify the level of stress and anxiety, and it’s just been relentless,” she said.

“I’ve been crying non-stop, my sleeping has been affected, it’s the first thing that’s on my mind when I’m drifting off to sleep, it’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up.”

Michelle moved into her council flat in 1995


Michelle Edwards)

Although Michelle says she’s happy to move into a new flat, she claims she should have been given adequate time, information and resources to make the move.

She believes the way Waltham Forest Council has treated her has even bordered on “harassment”, claiming they have been calling her repeatedly throughout the days encouraging her to move.

Michelle was left infuriated further when she claims she discovered friends on the estate knew more about the situation than she did.

There had been talks of a regeneration project in the area for a number of years after the council found the flats were “unfit for purpose”.

Michelle claims the council had plans to move her into a new property since before 2018, but complications brought about by the pandemic and Brexit meant it was delayed.

“We received one eviction notice, and nothing happened. It fell through,” Michelle explained.

“Then we received another eviction notice in 2018 and a letter last year saying we would be moved out in November 2021.”

Michelle began to pack up a lifetime of possessions, but claims she was never provided with a specific move-out date from the council.

A neighbor told her she had heard she’d be moving in January 2022 rather than November, and she started to put things in place for the new move-out date.

But Michelle claims the date was changed multiple times, leading to increased uncertainty and worry about when she would be placed in her new flat.

“I’ve had various different health complications over the years,” Michelle said.

“I dislocated my left arm, I detached my left foot from my leg […] I’ve got metal plates and rods holding everything together.

“That’s always given me problems. Walking is quite problematic, and then I have backache from where I’m not walking properly and have chronic pain.”

Michelle also underwent treatment for fibroids, which meant roughly three quarters of her stomach was surgically removed and she is still dealing with the effects of this treatment.

On the late afternoon of Thursday, February 24, Michelle received an email from the council.

She claims she was invited to move into her new property on Monday, February 28, when her new tenancy would begin.

This would give her only three full days to pack up her flat, view the new property, agree to the move and arrange logistical arrangements.

Waltham Forest Council says residents have been ‘kept informed at all times’ about the regeneration plans



Michelle claims this situation has left her “essentially homeless”.

She added: “To drop an email late Thursday, start my tenancy on Monday – and then you tell me I’m liable for rent on a property I haven’t even seen?

“How am I supposed to move 25 years’ worth of possessions and move into a new property, that I wouldn’t have even had the keys for, and return it by the Sunday? Nothing makes sense.”

Waltham Forest councillor Simon Miller, cabinet member for economic growth, said: “The regeneration of the Marlowe Road estate has been ongoing since 2016, and residents have been kept informed at all times.

“The project will deliver 448 much-needed high-quality new homes, including 150 for council rent and a further 51 for shared ownership, and an on-site energy center alongside a new plaza, children’s play area, and commercial outlets.

“In a consultation held prior to the regeneration commencing, 80 per cent of residents indicated that they were in favor of the area’s redevelopment and we are working with tenants to ensure all moves into their new homes go smoothly.

“We invite any residents who feel they do not have the adequate support they need to contact us so we can work together constructively to find a solution.”


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