Woman cries after her dog’s ashes were ‘thrown away’ by a DPD driver

Irene Ferrie, a 75-year-old grandmother of five from East Dunbartonshire in Scotland, was forced to put her pet Springer Spaniel to sleep on January 20.

Irene Ferrie was distraught after a DPD driver put her dog's ashes in the bin
Irene Ferrie was distraught after a DPD driver put her dog’s ashes in the bin

A woman was left distraught when her beloved dog’s ashes were taken for recycling after a delivery man dumped them in the trash.

Grandmother of five, Irene Ferrie, 75, made the terrible decision to put her Springer Spaniel, Magners, to sleep on January 20 after he suffered a serious leg injury.

She opted to cremate the 12-year-old dog so she could spread his ashes along the path of her favorite walk near her home in East Dunbartonshire, Scotland, the Daily Record reports.

After paying £110 to Cambridge Pet Cremation, plus an additional £13.74 for postage, he expected Magners’ ashes to return within seven to 10 days.

But as of late last week, the remains had not turned up, so he contacted the cremation company.

They spoke to DPD, who reported that the package had been left inside their blue paper recycling bin on January 25.

But tragically, the bin men had emptied it five days later, on January 30.

She called the incident a “misfortune.”


Daily log)

Irene wanted to spread the ashes on her favorite ride


Daily log)

She was unable to sleep and is furious at the lack of communication from DPD, especially since her designated safe space was listed in the delivery instructions.

A tearful Irene told the Daily Record: “It’s terrible, an absolute and completely shocking disgrace. I never received a single email or notification from DPD, nothing.

“Magner had a very sore leg and the vet advised us that it was best to put him down on Thursday 20th January.

His 12-year-old Springer Spaniel had to be euthanized after his leg was seriously injured.


Daily log)

“He wanted him cremated so he could spread his ashes on his favorite walk near the house. He was a Springer Spaniel and loved to run around the fields.

“They gave me the number for Cambridge Pet Cremation in Livingston and I filled out the form.

“It said at the bottom of the form that the ashes would be returned by a courier service and would require a signature upon delivery.

“They said it could take between a week and 10 days. So I kept waiting for an email or something to say I was back home.

“But when the ten days were up after the weekend, I decided to call the cremation site to see what was going on.

“The girl over there called DPD to ask what was going on and was told that it had been left with a neighbor.

“So I went up to see them and they had nothing. She even checked her own bins, but I knew they had been removed on Sunday.

“I have DPD on an app on my phone and you usually get a little notification telling you when your package will arrive and who the driver was. But I didn’t get any.

“When I opened it up to double check, there was a picture of the package in the blue container. So it is far to be recycled.

“I am so frustrated and angry. She couldn’t sleep thinking about this because they just threw it away like a piece of garbage.”

She added: “My nominated place was the conservatory. Why did they throw it away?

“There was no communication to tell me that they were going to deliver it. And I certainly didn’t sign for it. It’s just shocking, that’s right.”

A spokesperson for Cambridge Pet Cremation said: “CPC is devastated to learn that the ashes of Mrs Ferrie’s beloved spaniel, Magners, have been misplaced by our courier company.

“We acted immediately upon discovering this information yesterday and requested a full investigation, which we are awaiting information on.

“Of course, we promptly reimbursed Ms. Ferrie for the full cost paid, and while this is the least we can do, it in no way makes up for this fundamental mistake.

“CPC would like to offer its sincerest apologies to Ms. Ferrie at this terribly sad time.”

Ann Davie, Deputy Executive Director, said: “We are sorry to hear of this sad incident and our thoughts are with Ms Ferrie.

“All of our recycling material goes to an outside contractor to handle, so unfortunately we are not in a position to search for the missing package.

“We have provided Ms. Ferrie with the contractor’s contact information in the hope that they can assist her in reuniting her with Magner’s ashes.”

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