Woman brands £610 Chanel advent calendar ‘a joke’ as she gets stickers and a flipbook

A woman has been unboxing the £610 Chanel luxury advent calendar on TikTok and the results have left many people fuming after it included stickers, a magnet and a flipbook

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Chanel advent calendar is reviewed by intrigued TikToker

A woman’s expectations for a luxury filled Chanel No5 advent calendar were dashed as she opened parcels filled with stickers and magnets.

Elise Harmon took to TikTok to express her frustrations after purchasing the highly sought beauty calendar for a whopping £610.

To her disappointment, Elise was left unboxing several sets of stickers, a magnet, a wax stamp, a flipbook and many more unexpected trinkets, reports The Daily Star.

However, there were some beauty items, including a lipstick, nail polish and mini perfume bottle.

Chanel had described the pricey item on their website as a “calendar unlike any other” and a “piece to treasure for years to come” – statements many people may beg to differ.

Chanel under fire for £610 advent calendar that contains stickers and flip book.


Credit: @eliseharmon / TikTok)

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Videos of the TikToker opening the calendar have gone viral on social media, being viewed over 50 million times in the last three days.

In her first video – viewed 13.4 million times – Elise starts by addressing her fans very excitedly stating: “Okay, am I crazy? Yes. But I’d never seen a Chanel advent calendar so let’s see if it’s worth the hype.”

She then opens up the humongous box which bears resemblance to Chanel’s iconic Chanel No 5 perfume bottle, inside are 24 smaller boxes of all sizes.

But as she randomly opens up one box, she is left bewildered as she uncovers just mere stickers in the box.

Elise declares “This has to be a joke” before opening up another box filled with a tester body cream, enough to cream only her ‘left arm’.

She continues to post more videos of her unboxing but is just left with more disappointment.

Chanel describes the product on its website as a “calendar unlike any other” and a “piece to treasure for years to come”


Credit: Chanel)

The lavishly priced advent calendar was revealed to contain several sets of stickers, a magnet, a wax stamp and plastic jewellery set.


Credit: Chanel)

But despite continuously being let down, Elsie kept her hopes up – but is once again let down when she uncovers an empty mini pouch with simple printing at the bottom.

She jokingly says: “I’m not sure how I’m supposed to live, laugh, love under this condition but we will prevail.”

Elise’s viewers shared their frustrations with her as they joked she was robbed by Chanel.

One viewer asked: “They straight up mixed samples with office supplies huh?”

While another stated: “Girl I’m crying [because] the whole box is free samples and stickers.”

One other viewer demanded Elise claim a refund stating: “That’s literally worth like $5 maybe.”

Since her videos, Elise has released other videos claiming her she may be the reason Chanel are ‘cancelled’ entirely.

In the video captioned ‘when you accidentally cancel Chanel’, Elsie mimes along to audio which says: “is it me? am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama”

Now it has been alleged ever since the videos went viral, Chanel has taken to block Elise on the well-loved platform and even seem to have deleted their TikTok account

Would you be happy with the contents of the advent calendar? Let us know in the comments below.

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