Woman bags ‘dream job’ at ASOS in 3 days with clever CV


A woman has landed herself what she calls her ‘dream job’ at ASOS thanks to her very unique CV. After planting a giant billboard containing her details outside the ASOS office in North London, aspiring data engineer Miruna Nitu bagged herself an interview with the company. Result

The billboard was huge, but the message on it was simple. It read: “Hi my name is Miruna. I am a neuroscience master’s graduate from UCL. I have 6 months experience building data engineering systems at AiCore.

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“I am an ASOS superfan and want to build your data pipelines. Let’s talk.” Her story of her has now gone viral, and has impressed thousands of people.

Sharing her experience on LinkedIn, Miruna wrote: “I just had the craziest Wednesday morning! I got to interview for my dream job and tour the beautiful ASOS.com head office (hopefully my future office). Here’s how it happened.

“For the past 18 weeks, I’ve been training to become a data engineer on the AiCore programme. I focussed my web scraping project on collecting a dataset for my dream company, ASOS.com. 2 weeks ago, the AiCore team called me out of the blue and asked if I’d like a job at ASOS.com Of course, I said yes!

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“This morning we stood outside the ASOS.com headquarters with the giant billboard you see in the picture. I was hoping to just go and catch peoples reactions and hopefully get an email. I got more than I bargained for. Dave Green, director of architecture and engineering, greeted me outside and introduced me to the recruitment and data teams.I was to interview for my dream job, right then and there.

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“I was not expecting this so felt totally unprepared and nervous. The only thing stopping me from having a nervous breakdown was how lovely and friendly everyone was. The interviews were very pleasant and I was delighted to learn more about how the data and engineering teams operate at ASOS.com

Miruna rounded off the post, writing: “I’m waiting and excited to hear back now. Wish me luck.”

Miruna Nitu with her giant billboard outside ASOS HQ
Miruna Nitu with her giant billboard outside ASOS HQ

A few days later, Miruna returned to LinkedIn to share a photograph of herself crying on the phone. Thankfully, she’d got the job, and it had only taken her three days. That’s impressive.

She wrote: “Last Friday, I got a call from Lucy Clayton, two days after I stopped outside ASOS.com’s head office with a giant billboard in search of my dream job. I had been refreshing my emails every minute for 48 hours since I got home, waiting to hear back about my interview.

“She says the news couldn’t wait until next week. I feel my heart thumping in my chest. ‘We want you to join ASOS as an Associate Data Engineer’. I immediately burst into tears. Through my uncontrollable crying, I spluttered a “Thank you” to Lucy and hung up. It felt surreal. It still does.

“You probably think I am crazy for getting so emotional about a job offer. But it has not been easy.

“Coming from a background in neuroscience, I struggled for a year and a half to break into data, desperate and confused, with a LOT of rejected job applications and NO’s. I joined AiCore 6 months ago, and I just told myself ‘I want to be their next success story.” Looking at how Harry B., Haron Shams and Christian Kerr built and transformed AiCore into something that can literally change people’s lives, was insane for me. Their story was inspirational and my main motivation.

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Miruna's mum captured the moment she was offered the ASOS job
Miruna’s mum captured the moment she was offered the ASOS job

“I knew that the transition might be difficult, but not impossible. It took hope, hard work and persistence but what really carried me through was support and guidance from the right people. Shout out to Blair Martin, Iván Ying Xuan, Phil Patterson, Ahmed Eldiwany — Artificial Intelligence / Emerging Technology Professional, Phd(c).

“I put all my trust in the words ‘What’s yours will find you’. And it finally did. Just never give up, trust the process, be yourself and surround yourself with people that fight for their dreams at least as much as you do.” !

“Thank you ASOS for this bright start of my story!! Thank you Dave Green, Julia Middleton, Lucy Clayton, Paul Thorpe, Clara Dionet, Duncan Little. Haron Shams, the brains behind everything, I owe you this!! Thanks to all my colleagues! You are all amazing!! Thanks to my family and friends, I love you all!! Thanks to my mum, Manuela Nitu, for secretly recording this so I can share this moment with you all <3

“And finally, thanks to YOU ​​for listening to the first chapter of my crazy story! Cannot wait to share more with you!”


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