Woman, 48, pinned to bridge as drunk driver crashes head-on in horrific dashcam clip

Nadine Wood, 48, was stargazing on a bridge in May 2020, when a drink-driver ran a red light and crashed into another car. She was left pinned to the wall

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Gloucestershire: Drink driver causes head-on crash

A woman who was nearly paralysed by a drink-driver is warning others not to get behind the wheel after drinking this Christmas.

Nadine Wood was stargazing on a bridge in May 2020, when a drink-driver ran a red light and crashed into another car, leaving her pinned against the wall.

Horrific dashcam footage shows the crash as the drink driver comes over the bridge head on into another car and a woman can be heard screaming.

The 48-year-old was left with a fractured spine and pelvis and was warned she may never be able to walk again.

In August this year, Loic Freeman, 26, who’d been drinking all day with friends and family before the crash, was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

The car was badly damaged


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Nadine, an English Language lecturer for the Ministry of Defence, said: “That night, I thought I was going to die.

“The drink-driver was nearly four times the limit and he nearly left me paralysed.

“I hope my story is a lesson for others who consider getting behind the wheel after a few drinks this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.”

In May 2020, NASA and billionaire businessman Elon Musk’s SpaceX were launching a rocket into space.

That night, Nadine and her neighbours from Lechlade, Gloucester, decided to go stargazing, in the hopes of seeing it.

Nadine said: “I came up with the idea and I was so excited.

“Halfpenny bridge was just a minute walk from our houses so we went there.

Dashcam footage caught the crash


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“As we stood on the pavement on the bridge, it was the perfect viewpoint.”

Just 15 minutes later, Nadine suddenly heard the roar of a car engine.

Nadine says: “A car sped onto the bridge from the left.

“But then I looked to my right and saw another car coming towards the bridge too.

“It was a traffic lighted bridge so I immediately knew they were going to crash.

“Terrified, I turned around to face the river.”

The scene of the crash


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As Nadine expected, the two cars crashed head on.

Seconds later, they spun around and Nadine was pinned against the wall of the bridge.

She says: “I felt a searing, burning pain. I began screaming in agony.

“Soon, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Then everything went black.”

A moment later, the driver who had skipped the red light, fled the scene.

Eventually someone managed to move the cars back and Nadine was released from the wall.

Nadine Wood in hospital


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Nadine pictured today has lifelong injuries


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Miraculously, she was still alive and was swiftly blue-lighted to John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford.

There, doctors told Nadine she’d suffered two pelvic fractures and a fracture to her lower spine.

Nadine said: “Surgeons told me they needed to operate but warned me that I might not be able to walk again.

“Days later, I was taken into theatre where they spent hours inserting metal pins into my pelvis to hold it into place.

“It was a success but afterwards, more tests showed I’d developed life-threatening blood clots on my lungs.

“I was absolutely devastated and still in shock. My body was also in crippling agony.

“I kept replaying the crash in my mind and couldn’t stop crying.”

From then on, Nadine was given daily injections to dissolve the blood clots and needed to learn how to walk again.

Loic Freeman had been drinking before getting behind the wheel


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Two weeks later, she was discharged from hospital but she still relied on crutches, as she tired easily.

Nadine says: “Due to Covid-19, there was a shortage of carers.

“So my neighbour moved in with me. She cooked, cleaned and dressed me.

“I felt helpless and broken. For weeks I dreaded falling asleep in case I didn’t wake up.”

The next month, in July 2020, Nadine gave a formal statement to the police about the nearly fatal collision.

Officers explained one of the drivers, Freeman, had been arrested.

Nadine says: “I found out Loic Freeman had been day drinking with family and friends before he jumped the red light by the bridge.

“The front passenger in the other car nearly died twice and suffered life-changing injuries too.

“I was horrified and sickened by how someone could do this.”

In August 2021, Freeman, of Bullinghope, Hereford, pleaded guilty to two counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving at Gloucester Crown Court.

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years and was also banned from driving for three-and-a-half years.

Nadine says: “He should’ve been banned from driving for life. He nearly killed me.

“Now, I’ve learned to walk again but I’m still fighting nerve damage and I have constant pain in my lower back and pelvis.

“Please, if you’ve had a drink this Christmas or New Year’s Eve, leave your car.

“You’re not only putting your life at risk, but so many others.”

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