Wife captures cheeky antics of drunk dad – who headbutted their car window twice

An exasperated wife filmed the moment she and her daughter had to collect her hubby from a night out after ‘one too many pink gins’, and the footage went viral on social media

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Merseyside: Drunk dad headbutts car window twice after boozy night out

A wife captured her husband on video drunkenly headbutting their car window twice after drinking ‘one too many pink gins’ on a night out.

‘Lightweight’ Garner Scott was out celebrating his 37th birthday with a night of heavy drinking on Saturday in his hometown of Liverpool, Merseyside.

Pals made an emergency phone call to his wife Ellie, 34, at 4am who’d expected him home hours earlier, sheepishly asking her to come and collect him.

Footage shot by Ellie shows pals Peter Johnson, 37, and Luke Drew, 30, helping Garner to the car before he headbutts the passenger window twice as she exclaims ‘Oh, my god, what have you done to him?!’

Garner’s friends made an emergency call to his wife at 4am asking her to pick him up


Kennedy News and Media)

The hilarious footage of Garner has been shared over 30,000 times online


Kennedy News and Media)

The mechanic, who can be seen desperately clutching a burger in one hand and a soft drink in the other, is finally manhandled into the car by his laughing mates as he repeatedly apologizes to Ellie.

Once in the car, Garner can be seen lolling sideways and groaning heavily as his mates complain he’s got mayonnaise from his burger over them.

Garner has no recollection of his drunken antics, caused by ‘too many pink gins and shots’, and Ellie said he was shocked by the video when he saw it the following day.

The business owner says she was forced to drag 16-year-old daughter Lily out of bed at 5am to help her hubby safely into the house after he fell into a neighbour’s garden.

Ellie said: “He was so shocked when I showed him the video, he couldn’t remember a thing.

“He remembers not being able to stand up but it’s a blur.

“He can’t remember face planting the car. He must have thick skin because he doesn’t even have a mark.

“I’d planned on picking him up at about one o’clock but he was having too much of a good time to go home.

“He said he would make his own way back but hearing what state he was in I couldn’t sleep.

Garner was shocked the following morning when his wife showed him the footage of his drunken antics


Kennedy News and Media)

Garner’s giggling pals help him to his wife’s car


Kennedy News and Media)

“I messaged the lads and said I would go and pick them up and I got a message saying it was bedtime for him.

“I spotted him through the window of McDonald’s and I could see what state he was in so I got my phone out and started filming him.

“He was spitting burger everywhere and he didn’t shut up, he thought someone had punched him and taken his burger off him.

“He doesn’t go out often and doesn’t drink that much so he’s a lightweight.”

Ellie says Garner isn’t usually a big drinker but had ‘too many’ pink gins and some celebratory shots.

The mum-of-three says that when the pair got home, it took her and Lilly 15 minutes to get him into the house.

Ellie had to enlist the help of her 16-year-old daughter Lily to help get her drunk dad back home


Kennedy News and Media)

Ellie said: “He messaged me saying how drunk he was about 20 minutes before I picked him up.

“He’d said he’d had too many pink gins, he couldn’t stand up, was asking me to go and help him and wanted me to tell him I love him. The lads had been buying him shots.

“When I tried to get him out of the car at the front door he fell in the garden and he fell in the road. He kept us entertained until about 5am.

“He doesn’t go out often and doesn’t drink that much so he’s a lightweight.”

Since Ellie shared the footage on Facebook, which racked up more than 32,000 shares, Garner has become something of a celebrity in their area with people chasing him down the street for a photo.

Ellie said: “Everyone is saying he’s a legend. He’s gone to work and people are chasing him down the road trying to get a photo of him.

“Every single person he’s worked with over the past 20 years are coming to see him to get a photo because people don’t believe that they know him.

“People he hasn’t spoken to for 20 years are getting in touch.

“We’ve even had people from Australia and New Zealand messaging us.

“He’s not had a bad response to it I think because so many people have been in that position at least once in their lives. He’s taken it well.”

Despite the wild night, Garner wasn’t able to have a lie in as he had an early start to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Ellie said: “He jumped up in the morning hoping he wasn’t in trouble. He wasn’t in trouble, I was glad he’d had a good time and he’s done it for me plenty of times.

“He had a shower and some breakfast and he was fine but he did feel a bit ropey.”

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