Widow says old school pals ‘feel sick’ at how young she looks and men think she’s a liar

Eudora Okoro, 60, became determined to look after her body as a young girl, but says she didn’t notice how shocked people were by her age until she was 30

Eudora Okoro celebrating her 60th birthday

A widow who looks stunning at 60 has revealed that young men think she’s “lying” when she tells them her age, after opening herself up to dating again.

Eudora Okoro, 60, from Wirral, Merseyside, said she has been turned away from beauty companies looking for people to test anti-aging products because she “looked too good”.

Her friends have told her they “feel sick” by her youthful appearance and she claims many ask “what’s her secret” or claim she is “lying” when she tells them her real age.

But dance teacher and DJ Eudora, who recently became open to dating after the death of her husband Paul, 52, says she hasn’t always felt confident about her appearance.

Eudora told The ECHO : “When I was a teenager I really hated being skinny, I really really hated it, to the point where I would stuff my face and eat all kinds of things to be a little bigger.

Eudora Okoro, 60, from Wirral, Merseyside

Eudora Okoro said her youthful looks make it very difficult to date

“I remember my dad making a comment that stuck with me, he said ‘don’t worry, your mother was slim too until she hit her 30s, then she barreled out’.

“I’m one of those people where if somebody says something to me it’s like a challenge, so I said that won’t be me. I started looking after my body after that by drinking lots of water, eating well and exercising.”

As Eudora got older she said her looks only got better, but it wasn’t until she was 30 that she noticed how people looked at her.

Eudora lost her husband, Paul, 52 in 2019


Eudora Okoro,/Instagram)

Buying alcohol, going to the doctors or doing anything that required giving her date of birth, always led people to mention how Eudora looked.

She said: “There’s always a question when I give somebody my date of birth, it’s usually at the pharmacy or the doctors when people say ‘wow, you look really young’ or ‘what is your secret’. It can be really embarrassing but it’s ultimately really flattering.

“One time I must have been in my late 30s, early 40s and I was at a party with a guy I was going out with. I was sat talking to this older lady and said I was just going to go and get a glass of wine.

“She looked up and said to me ‘oh, dear, are you old enough?’ And when I told her my age she nearly dropped her drink, she could n’t believe it.

After the death of her husband in 2019, Eudora recently decided to try dating again.

But she says her figure and appearance has made the process very difficult, with younger men often approaching her and not believing her real age.

She said: “I’ve had a lot of younger men contact me, some who are 19 or even 20. A lot of them think I am lying when I tell them my age.

“I’ve got to the point where I have reduced my age by 10 years – but people still don’t believe me when I reveal my actual age.

Dance teacher Eudora believes that we are all capable of managing how we age, with the exception of medical conditions


Eudora Okoro,/Instagram)

“I started asking the younger men why they message me, just out of curiosity and a lot of them say it’s nice to see ‘natural beauty’.”

Each morning Eudora drinks a fresh juice with fruit and vegetable’s and she sticks to a plant-based diet.

She also drinks two liters of water a day and exercises every day.

She said: “Unless you have some kind of medical condition, I believe how we age is completely in our hands.

“Being fit and healthy helps you deal with anything – it affects you mentally as well as physically.”


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