“Wide monitoring” in the first day of strike called by ELA in the driving schools of Bizkaia





The professionals of the sector will mobilize throughout the week to request, as on previous occasions, a response from the employer to their demands, among which is the renewal of the agreement, without reviewing for 11 years.


Workers' protest in Bilbao

Workers of the driving schools of Bizkaia they have started this Monday another strike week in demand of the agreement, which is registering “extensive monitoring” on his first day, according to IS IT OVER THERE, union convening the mobilization. The driving school staff will be mobilized from today until December 17, given “the lack of response from the employer’s association” to their latest agreement offer, which has not been reviewed for eleven years.

In this first working day Of the new week of strike in the Biscayan driving schools, the workers have starred in a caravan of cars through Bilbao with a concentration in Artxanda, and it has continued through Barakaldo.

The mobilizations will continue in the afternoon; At 3:30 p.m. they will gather at the APAVI headquarters and at 5:00 p.m. they will repeat the concentration in front of the IKASTEK driving school on Luis Briñas street, and they will concentrate again at 5:45 p.m. at the GO! driving school in the Plaza Sacred heart.

The union has indicated that in the meeting of the negotiating table held last Thursday at the convocation of ELA, the APAVI did not respond to the counterproposal raised by the central more than a month ago.

As indicated, the employer “has only limited itself to raising a laughable climb on the base salary of 14%, an increase that represents only 0.4% more than what is already offered (13.6%) “.

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“That is,” he explained, continues to propose the mere update of the salary tables of the agreement according to the CPI accumulated since 2010, but without regularization of wages that are charged irregularly nor increases that allow overcoming the precarious salary of those most precarious and feminized groups “.

Between his claims, The Bizkaia driving school sector calls for a regularization of the salary tables to recover the purchasing power lost these 11 years, greater rationalization of schedules and measures to end the “significant gender gap that occurs in the most feminized administration positions” .

The staff denounces that both wages and hours and other working conditions “are very precarious and, in many cases, irregular.”

From ELA they have recalled that in almost all driving schools, in the case of teachers, they combine official salaries according to the agreement with amounts that are paid “irregularly.” In addition, non-teaching staff, especially administrative staff, mainly women, “barely reaches 1,000 gross euros per month.”

For this reason, they demand a reduction in the working day for this non-teaching group and reduce the gender gap, in addition to “important” steps to equalize the teaching staff with a view to 35 hours a week.

In Bizkaia between 350 and 400 workers distributed in 80 driving schools and with subsections in around 120 work centers develop their work.

Since last June, these workers have seconded 19 days of strike in demand of salary increases, reduction of working hours for administrative staff and 35 hours a week for teachers and partial retirement measures, among other claims, after eleven years without updating the provincial agreement.

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