Why did Princess Diana wear two watches on her wrist before her wedding to Charles?

Princess Diana was seen wearing the interesting fashion statement when she went to see Prince Charles play polo at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor before their wedding.

Princess Diana before marriage 1981

Princess Diana was known for many things, but her style made her the 20th century fashion icon.

Over time, the princess’s off-duty wardrobe became as influential as the elegant shift dresses and pearl chokers she wore to royal engagements.

And she wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries with clothing options that many royals would have avoided.

For example, in images from 1981, shortly after Lady Di became engaged to Prince Charles, she was seen wearing a floral blouse and matching skirt, nothing out of the ordinary.

But what got people talking was her choice of accessories.

He wore two watches on his wrist as a nod to Prince Charles.


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Charles and Diana only saw each other a few times before they got engaged.


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On one side, he wore a woven metal bracelet, but on the other, he wore two wristwatches.

The dainty gold watch was Diana’s, and the other watch, which had a thick brown leather strap, belonged to Prince Charles.

But she didn’t use two watches to keep track of two different time zones, there was a good reason why she duplicated the accessory.

As it turned out, it was a subtle nod to Prince Charles.

According to Marie Claire, she wore Charles’ watch as a tribute to him and to wish him good luck at the match.

This kind gesture could be compared to a tradition from the Middle Ages, where a knight tied a lady’s kerchief to the back of his helmet as a good luck charm.

Diana wore her clothing and jewelry to pay tribute to loved ones throughout her royal career, a tradition continued by Meghan Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Instead of borrowing a tiara from the Queen for her July 1981 wedding, she wore one her sister had previously worn at her own nuptials.

And jewelry also played a heartbreaking role in her life.

Just days before Charles and Diana’s wedding, the bride-to-be was devastated when she walked into the office of her private secretary Michael Colborne to find a package on the desk with Camilla’s name on it.

Inside, she found a gold bracelet engraved with the letters G and F, which stood for Gladys and Fred, the nicknames Charles and Camilla used for each other.

Speaking in the Channel 5 documentary Charles and Di: The Truth Behind their Wedding, biographer Christopher Wilson said: “I think she was very suspicious of Camilla.

“She asked to see what was inside and was finally allowed to get away with it.

“I was absolutely in tears, in a terrible state about it.

“It was clear that this was Prince Charles’s parting gift to Camilla.”

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