“Who will lead the negotiation is the CyL PP”

The acting president of the Junta de Castilla y León and winner of last Sunday’s elections, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco (PP), insists on its commitment to rule alone and has ensured that “Who will take the lead in the negotiation” to gather the necessary support (the Popular Party needs ten votes for an absolute majority) “it is the PP of Castilla y León”.

Mañueco has responded like this in The Hour of 1 to whether he has received any type of instruction to address the negotiations by the leadership of the PP. “No one has given me orders nor is this the case because these elections are from Castilla y Leónwho was presenting is the PP of Castilla y León and who has to lead the negotiation is the PP of Castilla y León”, has settled. And he has stressed that what “everyone has to understand” is that the decision will be made “above all else” in favor of the “general interest of Castilla y León”.

The Executive of the autonomous party meets this Tuesday to evaluate the strategy for negotiating with the different parties. The ‘popular’ will begin the dialogue with the formations from greater to lesser representation, which makes the PSOE the first force to contact.

Mañueco has insisted that he wants to form a “strong” and “effective” Executive, capable of usefully managing and responding to the challenges” that the region faces. “I bet on a government alone”, he has insisted and added: “Let’s see what the panorama we have in the coming dates”.

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Notice to Vox: “You cannot start by saying these are our red lines”

The leader of the PP in the region has stressed that the framework of his party is in the “dialogue” and has urged the rest of the forces to “realize the basic principles of Castilla y León”, its “signs of identity” and its “what are the policies to talk about”, especially from PP electoral programwhich is “the one that has had the majority support”.

For this reason, he has said in a veiled allusion to Vox, that “you can’t start a dialogue by saying this is our frameworkour conditions and our red lines”. “First of all, the winner is congratulated, then we sit down and talk” with the different forces, has continued to agree on “a useful, efficient government that manages public services”.

Then asked about the Vox’s demands to repeal the laws of gender violence and historical memoryhas stressed: “The first thing to do is dialogue and the frame of the dialogue has to be put by whoever wins, It has always been like this. From there, we will shape the will of each one”.

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has warned for his part to the PP this Tuesday: “You cannot think that we are going to give you the votes because yes”. Thus, he has urged them to choose between Vox or the PSOE.

Abascal: “The PP cannot think that we are going to give them the votes just because. Let them choose: either Vox or the PSOE”

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“It is not about depending on one political party or anotherit is about being in balance, in the center and to think about the general interest”, Mañueco has settled.


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