Who is Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers – and what has he been accused of?


Piers Corbyn is the brother of former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. He will today (May 6) stand trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court alongside another man after being granted bail in February

Piers Corbyn
Piers Corbyn will appear at Westminster Magistrates’

Piers Corbyn is set to stand trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court later today, May 6.

The brother of former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is known for his 5G conspiracy theories, anti-lockdown and vaccine stances and for being a climate change denier.

In 2018 Corbyn rejected the findings of a UN report in 2018, and said: “This report is a pack of lies, it is anti-scientific nonsense based on fraud which is intended to regiment people into paying more in carbon taxes and help the oil companies increase profits by increasing prices.”

As a result of his political stances, Piers has become a recognizable face in his native London.

Brother Jeremy held the leadership of the Labor Party from 2015, until 2019, taking it through two unsuccessful general elections.

Who is Piers Corbyn?

Piers Corbyn is Jeremy Corbyn’s older brother

Piers Corbyn is the older brother of former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

During the Covid pandemic, Piers became known for his anti-vaccine stance. I have also claimed the coronavirus pandemic is a hoax.

From Southwark, South London, Corbyn also promoted the nonsensical theories about the 5G network and ran to be Mayor of London, scoring 0.8% of the vote while attempting to “challenge the coronavirus narrative”. This saw him gain 20,604 votes, but he still lost to the likes of Laurence Fox and Count Binface.

He is reported to have a degree in astrophysics from the University of London and was an active member of the Labor Party until 2002, when he quit due to the Blair government’s involvement in the Iraq war.

The weatherman has his own forecasting service that relies on solar activity, a method disputed by scientists. Despite this, Prime Minister Boris Johnson once called him “the world’s foremost meteorological soothsayer” and “my old chum” in a Telegraph column in 2012.

Piers has even estimated that left-wing climate change politics is like that of Nazi Germany.

He said to the New Statesman: “After the Berlin Wall came down, various people on the left got lost, and my former associates – or friends, even – in the International Marxist Group and related bodies developed this idea of ​​red-green politics, eco-revolution.

“Where they seem to equate large-state spending with socialism. Well, I don’t think that’s a good argument, because, of course, Hitler had large-state spending, but he wasn’t socialist.”

What is Piers Corbyn on trial for?

Piers Corbyn at an anti-lockdown demonstration in May



On May 6, Piers Corbyn is on trial for allegedly causing a disturbance at a hospital in London earlier this year.

Corbyn was charged with causing a nuisance or disturbance on NHS premises without reasonable excuse.

At 3.15pm, on Tuesday, January 18 police were called to Guy’s Hospital in Southeast London, where officers arrested two men who were later charged.

Piers, 74, was charged alongside David Burridge, 44, and both defendants pleaded not guilty on February 3.


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