Where are cheapest Covid lateral flow tests near me? Tesco, Boots and Superdrug

Free lateral flow tests have been scrapped by the government, but supermarkets and pharmacies are still offering them for affordable prices. Here is where to find the cheapest tests near you.

The government has stopped giving away lateral flow tests for free

Free Covid testing is over in England and Scotland and will be stopping in Wales in June.

The decision was made to end the free testing following Health Secretary Sajid Javid saying the country needs to “learn to live with Covid”.

It has put millions who need the tests in a tough position, especially with the cost of living skyrocketing across the country.

However, major supermarket chains are selling Lateral Flow Tests (LTF) and some are more affordable than others.

Tesco’s tests are so affordable, they have been called cheaper than a takeaway for anyone in desperate need to get checked.

Here are all the cheapest supermarkets offering LTFs.


Some of the most affordable lateral flow tests in the UK can be found at Tesco.

The chain is boasting tests at just £2 each, though more supermarkets are becoming competitive on that price.

You can find your nearest store to pick up a lateral flow test here.


Morrisons are selling tests across the country


Manchester Evening News)

Morrisons has beaten Tesco in price by dropping the cost of a lateral flow test to just £1.75.

You can find your nearest store to pick up an LTF here.


Boots Pharmacy is selling Flowflex Antigen Rapid Test lateral flow test kits.

They are available both on their website and in over 400 locations around the UK.

They cost £2 each or are available for £9.80 for a pack of five.

You can find your nearest store to pick up a lateral flow test here.


Single tests cost £1.89 in Superdrug while packs of five will set you back £9.79

You can find your nearest store to pick up a lateral flow test here.


Single lateral slow tests are available from Lloyds for just £1.89.

A pack of five costs £9.29 both in its stores and on the website.

You can find your nearest store to pick up a lateral flow test here.

Why are lateral flow tests now longer free?

Lateral flow tests are no longer free in England and Scotland



On April 1 2022, lateral flow tests were no longer available for free.

The government has argued that despite still-high levels of infection, the Covid-19 vaccines are enough to protect the public from the virus.

Sajid Javid said it was right to “focus resources” on high priority cases and those who are most in need.

In Scotland, free tests ended on April 18 and will only remain free for people with symptoms until June.

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