When National Offers Day 2022 is and what to do if first choice rejected

Choosing your child’s primary school is a big moment for any parent or guardian, but a placement from your first choice isn’t always guaranteed. Here is the advice and guidance you need ahead of Primary School Offer Day

National Offers Day can be an anxious time for parents of soon-to-be primary school children

Anxious parents are awaiting the results of primary school placements on this year’s National Offer Day.

The application process closed way back in January, so there has been an anxious wait for families for a good few months.

Not all parents get the first choice for their child on primary offer day and it can be a worrying experience, with parents wanting the best education possible for their kids.

There are processes guardians can follow if things turn out to be less than ideal, or if you are not sure of the school they did get into.

Different parts of the UK have different dates, so you should know which day directly applies to your own child in case you need to appeal or try and sort anything out.

When is National Offer Day Primary 2022?

Parents and guardians in England will be notified on April 19



National Offer Day 2022 in England is Tuesday, April 19. Offers are usually sent out on April 16, but it is different this year because it comes after the long Easter bank holiday weekend.

April 19 is the next working day, so you can expect the offers to come then. The situation is the same for schools in Wales.

Scottish schools have a different system and where your child ends up depends on what the local education authority says, as the local councils decide which child goes to which school.

In Northern Ireland, primary school offer day falls on Thursday, April 28.

How do we find out about offers?

Most people will find out about primary school offers through email or an online portal


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Parents and guardians will find out where their child has been offered a place online via email.

This will be sent by your local education authority and people should remember to check their spam folders.

Authorities also have an online portal that can be checked, or some people will receive letters.

What should I do if my child didn’t get into my first choice primary school?

Not everyone will get their first choice primary school



There are steps and processes a parent or guardian can take if a place from your chosen primary school was not offered, but the first thing you should do is accept what offers you did get.

After that, your child will be automatically added to the waiting list for the schools that ranked higher in your application.

If you are unhappy with the school you were allocated, you can appeal to the local authority. They have their own deadlines for when this appeal can be made and it usually falls around 10 days after Offer Day.

The government explained: “If a parent wants to appeal, they should first contact the school’s admission authority. The school’s admission authority is responsible for establishing the appeal panel, but the panel itself is an independent body.

“The appeal panel must come to its own independent conclusion as to whether the school should admit the child, having regard to the case presented by both the admission authority and the parent.”

According to School Guide: “In most cases, your offer will be your number one preference.”

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