When does the campaign start and how to make the income statement?


Income statement 2020


In addition, it will be the first tax administration to facilitate the declaration of personal income tax already made to all self-employed workers. The campaign will begin on April 6.

The campaign to present the declaration of Personal income tax for the year 2020 in Bizkaia it will be brought forward a month and will develop between April 6 and June 30. In it, the Provincial Finance of Biscay will activate a new model of assistance to citizens, so that, for the first time, all taxpayers will have their declaration already made, including the self-employed.

The regional deputy for the Treasury and Finance, José María Iruarrizaga, and the General Director of the Treasury, Iñaki Alonso, explained this Tuesday, at a press conference, the most outstanding news about the new presentation model of the 2020 income campaign , “simpler and more comfortable for all taxpayers.”

Iruarrizaga has indicated that this new model tries to help as much as possible the Biscayan taxpayers to comply with their obligation to present the personal income tax return.

With the new model, all taxpayers in Bizkaia will have a declaration proposal, when previously this service only reached 55%. Iruarrizaga recalled that last year 200,000 people had to make the declaration themselves using the help computer program, and another 63,000 had to go to a bank to have the declaration drawn up.

With the current model, he insisted, all those people will already have the declaration made, although some will not be complete, because the Treasury does not know some data, and “taxpayers will be asked for the specific data that is missing.”


In addition, Bizkaia will be the first tax administration to facilitate the declaration of personal income tax already prepared to all self-employed, a group of close to 70,000 people to whom the Treasury will also provide their VAT returns already made, starting next year with the implementation of Joining, announced Iruarrizaga.

On the other hand, the deputy has indicated that people who are not required to file income tax returns will also receive the result of their draft tax return. In this way, if it is favorable to them, they will be able to present it and receive the refund, and if the result is to enter (in favor of the Treasury), they will be informed that they are not obliged to present the return.

April 6, first day of campaign

The general director of the Treasury, Iñaki Alonso, has indicated that, from April 6, the first day of the campaign, taxpayers will be able to consult the declaration proposal in the web www.bizkaia.eus/renta or in the app for mobile phones “Renta Bizkaia Errenta”.

To consult it on any of these channels, for reasons of confidentiality and security, you must identify yourself with a digital means of identification.


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