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On December 24, television is one more guest at the family dinner. In the midst of the uncertainty of current times and in parties that, again, in many houses will be different from the era before the covid, television is an ally to try to maintain traditions and a glimpse of normality. On Christmas Eve, its background accompaniment while the family dines is a classic, as are the proposals that the generalist channels bring for this appointment. As always, the King’s message at 9:00 p.m. will serve as the starting signal. Lots of music, compilations, prerecorded galas and humor for a special program that, in reality, has little special compared to previous years.

Tradition reigns in La 1

Ana Torroja and Raphael, during the recording of the special 'One year more'.
Ana Torroja and Raphael, during the recording of the special ‘One year more’.Javier Herraez (RTVE)

At 9:15 p.m., it will start Telepassion. It has been 31 years since this musical format, through which the main faces of the public channel are parading, does not miss the appointment of December 24. Ana García Obregón and Boris Izaguirre will be the masters of ceremonies this year in a story that will revolve around the journey of an airplane. Personalities such as Jordi Hurtado, Anne Igartiburu, Ion Aramendi, Alaska, Nieves Álvarez, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo or the jury of MasterChef They will perform viral songs, Christmas classics and lifelong hits. Next, and as is also tradition, the first public television channel will program two musical specials. At 22.20, Ana Torroja will be the protagonist of One more year, that will cover the successes of his career with duets in which Raphael, Malú, Pablo López, Miss Cafeína, Alaska, Ana Mena, Pablo Alborán or Rozalén will honor Mecano. At 11:40 p.m., Aitana takes over with another special with numerous guests, such as David Bisbal, Vanesa Martín, Dani Martín and Sebastián Yatra. Another classic on Christmas Eve at La 1 is humor. Therefore, the evening will end with A super latin night, a special of Journey to the center of TV Directed by Pedro Santos.

The usual humor for La 2

The comic duo Tip y Col, in an image from the special 'Humorpedia' of 'How we laugh'.
The comic duo Tip y Col, in an image from the special ‘Humorpedia’ of ‘How we laugh’.

The special program will start at 8:00 p.m., with the Music at Christmas concert from the Royal Palace. After the broadcast of the documentary Rural tourism in the world (21.20), How we laugh (22.00) will say goodbye to its season with a two-hour special, Humorpedia, with a compilation of jokes, sketches and parodies from the RTVE Documentary Fund. Performances of national humor classics such as Eugenio, Chiquito de la Calzada, Tricicle, Cruz y Raya, Los Morancos, Martes y Trece y Gila will parade through it, but also this year the program has wanted to pay tribute to Terry Gilliam, the Monty Phytons and his visual world through his graphic line.

The best of the year on Antena 3

Lydia Bosch and Manel Fuentes, in 'Your face sounds to me'.
Lydia Bosch and Manel Fuentes, in ‘Your face sounds to me’.

Pass word advance its schedule and from 7:00 p.m. it will broadcast a special delivery in which two iconic contestants of the contest will face, Luis de Lama and Marco Antonio, who will play for a prize of 100,000 euros. After the King’s message, its programming is oriented towards the classic compilations of the best moments of the year. In The best of each house, Atresmedia presenters will offer a selection of the funniest and most impressive images of the year. Next, Christmas Eve with your face sounds familiar to me will review the best performances of the 10 years of the program.

Cuatro bets on family cinema

An image from 'Arlo's Journey'.
An image from ‘Arlo’s Journey’.

On the Mediaset channel it is already a classic to dedicate the Christmas Eve programming to family movies, and this year they have not missed the appointment either. At 9.30 pm it will start Arlo’s journey, a Pixar film set in a universe in which dinosaurs never became extinct and coexist with humans on Earth. At 23.05 it will be the turn of Ice Age: The Great Cataclysm, and already at dawn, at 00.50, it will be the turn of Christmas, good or family?

Musical gala in Telecinco

Lara Álvarez and Joaquín Prat, presenters of 'Viva la fiesta'.
Lara Álvarez and Joaquín Prat, presenters of ‘Viva la fiesta’.Luis Miguel Gonzalez placeholder image

Not even on Christmas Eve does he miss his date Save meYes, it will do so with a special in which the collaborators will perform some of the most iconic performances of the most famous musical shows in history. At night, Lara Álvarez and Joaquín Prat will be the presenters of the musical gala Long live the party, which will start with them a song in which the two presenters will sing and dance Christmas carols to the rhythm of the most popular songs of the moment, combining, for example, The fish in the river with Badly. This will be the first performance of a gala that will feature national and international artists such as Gloria Trevi, Omar Montes, Ana Mena, Bertín Osborne, James Blunt, Ruth Lorenzo or Edurne.

Reports in La Sexta

Unlike past years, in which humor was the protagonist of tonight, the second Atresmedia channel has decided to bet on its usual programming on Fridays for those looking for an alternative to the music and laughter of other channels, and from there from 21.15 will broadcast the spaces the Sixth Column Y Research team.

Magic and classic movies

Outside of the six main stations, other networks have also altered their usual grid to accompany viewers on this night. This is the case of DMax, which will broadcast a marathon of episodes of The Pop Magician: 48 hours with, with guests like Jordi Cruz, Ricky Rubio, David Broncano or Chenoa. Meanwhile, in # 0, the Movistar + channel, the bet is on Living is beautiful (22.00), followed by with death on his heels (00.10), for those who prefer classic cinema.

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