What is wordl? How to play Wordle, rules of the game, why it is so popular and five-letter words with the most vowels to try

The word guessing web game Wordle has taken on a life of its own since it began to grow in November and December, and it is now believed that millions of people around the world enjoy the simple yet frustrating daily word puzzle game created by a software engineer. American software as a way to pass the time during the pandemic.

Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle released Wordle for free on his website in October of last year, but now it’s spread everywhere, with green, yellow, and gray tile grids littering lines. social media time.

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The free online word game presents players with a five-letter mystery word to unscramble each day.

What is wordl? How to play the hit online word guessing game, Wordle rules, and why is it so popular?

But it can only be guessed in six tries, and the letters change color to green or yellow as you get closer to guessing each day’s ‘Word’.

Wordle has taken on a life of its own since it began to grow last month after taking social media by storm, with some even tracking their daily Wordle results in spreadsheets or turning to linguistic theory to help them figure out the new random word for each word. faster day.

But what is Wordle? And why has such a simple word puzzle game become so popular online?

Here you will find everything you need to know about the popular online word guessing game and how to play it.

Five letters, six guesses and only one word per day: the “Wordle” formula is simple, but for a few weeks this online game has been stirring up social networks in the United States, and has since been adapted for a French . -speaking audience. (Photo by Stefani Reynolds/AFP)

What is wordl?

Wordle is an online word game that looks a bit like popular color-coded and code-breaking board games like Mastermind, but is even simpler in design.

Each new day brings a new five-letter mystery word to guess, which must be done by entering five-letter words into Wordle’s 30-tile grid.

On the first try, any tile that contains the correct letter will change color to yellow, green, or gray, prompting users to guess more words that contain more than or partially correct letters found in the “word” of the puzzle. day.

Each new day brings a new five-letter mystery word to guess, which must be done by entering five-letter words into Wordle’s 30-tile grid. (Image credit: screenshot / wordle)

According to a profile of the game’s hit in the New York Times, Wordle was born out of the pandemic boredom of Wardle, a social engineer who previously designed unique social experiments for the online community discussion platform, Reddit.

Wardle told the New York Times that he also sought to create something that would satisfy his partner’s appreciation for puzzle games, crossword puzzles, and spelling games like the popular New York Times Spelling Bee.

Launched in October, the player count quickly increased from dozens of daily players guessing every word of the day, to millions by the end of the first week of the new year.

How can I play Wordle?

And although the game is more frustrating and difficult than it seems at first, the rules of Wordle are quite simple.

Guesses on the ‘Word’ of the Day must be five letters long and only six guesses can be made in total.

Once you’ve entered your first five-letter word, press the Enter button to submit.

You will then see each letter on your tile turn gray, yellow, or green.

If a tile turns yellow, it means that its particular letter is included in the mystery word of the day and if it turns green, the letter is included in the final word and also in the correct place.

Letters on the tiles that are grayed out mean that they are not included in the word, allowing you to figure out what the word is based on which letters on your previous guess were completely correct (green) or almost correct (yellow).

But British gamers, along with those who opt for the British over the American spelling of certain words, should be aware of the slight differences that can occur between the American and British English spellings when trying to guess each daily word in Wordle.

And once you’ve tried Wordle once a day, you won’t be able to try it again.

Unlike most games we are used to playing today, which can become incredibly addictive and unlimited in the quest to win or finish, Wordle can only be played once a day, and users have to wait. patiently until the next day to try. Guess the new word of the day in fewer attempts.

Why is Wordle so popular?

A far cry from the eerily realistic graphics, notifications, and frenetic animations and mobile games that populate our modern world, Wordle’s appeal seems to lie predominantly in its simplicity.

With hundreds of thousands of users now logging onto Wardle’s site every day to guess every new “word”, many users have enjoyed the simple frustrations of a game that has only one five-letter answer for everyone and can only be played once a day, instead of being consumed instantly or all at once.

“It’s something that encourages you to spend three minutes a day,” Wardle told the New York Times.

“Like, he doesn’t want more of your time than that.”

But the buzz around the game also has a lot to do with its current hype on social media, with many users choosing to share their daily Wordle results on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as with friends.

Wordle’s simple ‘share’ button, displayed once you’ve guessed right or wrong on the word of the day, instantly copies the results to the clipboard for copying and pasting into tweets, posts and text as a series of grey, yellow squares and greens.

@WordleStats, a Twitter bot that accumulates and posts daily Wordle stats posted on Twitter, found 107,134 Wordle results tweets on Monday, January 10 alone.

What are the best Wordle words to try?

The biggest challenge when it comes to playing Wordle is often deciding which five-letter word to try first.

The word ‘seed’ you choose can put you on the road to victory or plunge you into a cycle of despair if it does not contain any of the letters included in the Wordle of each day.

This is why experts like Susie Dent of Countdown suggest choosing five-letter words that contain a lot of vowels.

Words with lots of vowels like ‘house’, ‘ouija’, ‘ourie’, ‘adieu’ and ‘alien’ can help narrow down the possibilities with your first attempt at Wordle, making the next one

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