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Just Eat has released this Tuesday the results of its 2021 Gastrometer. A report, published in full on its website, by which thehe home delivery company reveals the consumer trends of its users so far this year. And what is the favorite option of the Spanish men and women? As has happened in previous years, American food and its beef burgers.

After analyzing the different types of food and the most recurrent dishes, the report reveals that American food is the most requested in our country with products such as the beef burger, the chicken burger and the chicken wings. This is followed by Italian food with its carbonara and barbecue pizzas and oriental, with three delights rice and chicken with almonds. Would you like to know what is the preferential option in your autonomous community?

The most popular favorite food delivery by provinces

The beef burger is imposed in provinces such as Almería, Burgos, Córdoba, Guadalajara and A Coruña. Also in others such as Madrid, Murcia and Toledo, where American food becomes the preferred option. Meanwhile, the Cantabrians prefer a special hamburger and the natives of Pontevedra prefer the American hamburger. In short, the hamburger is the most requested food delivery in our country.

This is the preferential option for provinces. / Just Eat

Regarding products made from chicken, we can highlight the chicken wings in Bizkaia and Segovia. In Cáceres and Huelva they opt for roast chicken, in Cádiz for Tikka Masala and in Las Palmas for chicken with garlic sauce. In Navarra they prefer chicken nuggets, in Seville a serranito with this same ingredient and, in Zaragoza, chicken with oriental almonds. Therefore, chicken is one of the most recurrent foods when it comes to food delivery.

These are the preferential options by provinces. / Just Eat

Barbecue pizzas triumph in Barcelona

When it comes to talking about pizzas, Barcelona residents stick with the barbecue. An option that is also repeated in the Balearic Islands, where they prefer that barbecue flavor before the seafood pizza that is imposed in Melilla or the carbonara of Tarragona. Among the most popular options when it comes to home delivery we can also find Hawaiian poké, since it is imposed in territories such as Castellón, Ciudad Real and Granada.

These are the preferential options by provinces. / Just Eat

Among the rest of the options we can find the dürum in Álava and Cuenca, the scallops with cabrales in Asturias and the rice three delights in Álava. Also gyozas in Badajoz, shawarma in Ceuta and potatoes in Girona, Zamora and Gipuzkoa. Beyond those previously mentioned, the study reveals that in Jaén they are made of panini with butter, in La Rioja and Teruel they are kebab and in León and Valencia they are onion rings.

These are the preferential options by provinces. / Just Eat

Meanwhile, the residents of Lugo prefer a churrasco, those from Ourense a rib and those from Palencia a rice, three most oriental delights. Finally, the residents of Santa Cruz de Tenerife bet on the wok, the Salamancans for the potatoes with meat and the Valladolid burrito. In short, and despite the fact that American food prevails over the rest in the general calculation, the truth is that there is a great variety at the national level.


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