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This year 2022the statement of income has started with news. The campaign includes, among several changes, the obligatory taxation of those who have recovered their jobs after a ERTE, provided that the salary exceeds 14,000 euros. They also highlight the new box for cryptocurrencies and another to be able to apply the deductible expense for the reduction in rental income.

Beyond these innovations, the experts also recommend reviewing some boxes such as those for regional deductions, union dues, language classes, children’s uniform or scholarships. According to the CEO and co-founder of TaxDown, Enrique García Moreno, not being satisfied with accepting the draft can save “about 400 euros”.

We lose a lot of money by not doing a good review

“We lose a lot of money by not doing a good review,” explains García to RTVE.es, who advises not to leave the procedures for the end of the term, on June 30, in the case of those submitted online. “If you file in April and you get to return it, it is much more likely that the Treasury will make the refund quickly”, but, in the event that “you go out to pay”, the dates for entry are the same “if you present the last day of the campaign or the first”.

New boxes: cryptocurrencies and rent reduction

The 2022 income statement brings new boxes. From now on, the cryptocurrencies both in Renta Web and in the Wealth Tax (box 46), in an attempt to increase transparency. Although, as the expert recalls, these “have always been mandatory to report”, a study by the company states that 40% of taxpayers had no record of such an obligation.

What’s more, I know they must declare investments in cryptocurrencies in the case of having entered more than 1,000 euros in Spain or abroad. As in previous years, the Tax Agency send notices to taxpayers you think have virtual currencies (233,000, more than in the previous campaign due to the increase in taxpayers who operate with these assets), real estate for rent (713,000) or income from other countries (856,000) with the aim of promoting voluntary declaration.

Another relevant box is the one to be able to apply the deductible expense for the reduction in rent for the rental of premises to certain employers during the months of January, February and March 2021. The lessor must report separately in his declaration the amount of this deductible expense and the tax identification number of the tenant whose rent had been reduced.

Deductions for energy efficiency works

Likewise, a new section is added to Renta Web to be able to declare the following deductions for works to improve energy efficiency housing:

  • 20% deduction for improvement works that reduce the demand for heating and cooling.
  • 40% deduction for improvement works that reduce the consumption of non-renewable primary energy.
  • 60% deduction for energy rehabilitation works on buildings.

In the section dedicated to each one, the necessary boxes have been included to incorporate the information of the energy efficiency certificates of the house issued by the competent technician before and after the execution of the works.

The aid for Filomena and the eruption in La Palma, exempt

Aid for personal injuries caused by the natural disasters that caused the Filomena storm and the volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma are exempt this year from the Income Statement. There are also those granted in cases of death and total permanent disability caused directly by the storm.

The Tax Agency will exempt 50% of the work income received by the crew of Canarian ships registered in the Special Register of Ships and Shipping Companies of the Canary Islands.

On the other hand, the amounts received by the relatives of the victims of the Germanwings accident, by way of civil liability, and the voluntary aid paid by the affected airline or by an entity linked to the latter, do not have to be declared either.

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Six income tax brackets

As of this 2022 campaign, there will be six income tax brackets with a new tax rate for income over 300,000 euros, which amounts to 47%. The novelty will affect some 36,194 taxpayers, with an impact of 491.4 million euros, according to estimates by the Ministry of Finance.

The sections are the following:

  • First tranche, up to 12,450 euros: 19% tax rate.
  • Second tranche, from €12,450 to €20,200: 24% tax rate.
  • Third tranche, from €20,200 to €35,200: 30% tax rate.
  • Fourth tranche, from €35,200 to €60,000: 37% tax rate.
  • Fifth tranche, from €60,000 to €300,000: 45% tax rate.
  • Sixth tranche, from 300,000 euros: 47% tax rate.

In the savings scalethere is also a modification to introduce, both at the state and regional levels, a new section from 200,000 euroswith an applicable tax rate of 13%.

Wealth tax and pension plans

For those people who exceed ten million euroswealth tax goes from 2.5% to 3.5%. The Agency expects to receive 224,438 declarations, 2.9% more, and achieve revenues of 1,242 million, 3.9% more.

In this Income Statement deductions for individual pension plans are also reduced at 2,000 euros. In the employment plans, in which the company contributes, it jumps to 8,000 euros. The measure will provide a collection of 580 million in 2022.

In addition, the maximum limit applicable for contributions to social security systems in which the taxpayer’s spouse is a participant, mutual member or holder is reduced from 2,500 to 1,000 euros per year.

Nine communities apply deductions for school expenses

According to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), the average cost of going back to school per child reaches 1,890 euros. However, and although it is not new, both the institution and the experts remind that these expenses can be mitigated in the Income Statement.

There are nine autonomous communities where taxpayers with children can benefit, despite the fact that the conditions to take advantage of the deductions differ between them. Is about Aragon, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencian Community, Extremadura, Madrid and Murcia.

On Asturiasfor example, one can deduce the book purchase amounts of textbooks for Primary Education and Compulsory Secondary Education, and also the amounts allocated to the acquisition of school material, as long as the tax base does not exceed 12,500 euros in individual taxation. On the other hand, in Balearics for each child who attends extracurricular studies foreign languages ​​15% is deducted of the expenses allocated to this learning, with a limit of 100 euros per descendant.

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Improvements in the app and in the ‘Informador’ of the Income

To facilitate the procedures this campaign, the application Tax agency has included improvements in guided navigation and in the presentation of declarations. The possibility of presenting both the declaration itself and that of up to five more members of the family unit, without the need to log out to open those corresponding to those other presentations. Also as a novelty, it includes a renewed and expanded version of the ‘Informador’ de Renta with a chat attended by ADI specialists during business hours from nine in the morning to seven pm.

However, the CEO and co-founder of TaxDown, Enrique García Moreno, suggests that it is still “complicated” to make a declaration through the Treasury program that is not “simply accepting the draft.” In fact, he explains that in the face of changes and developments, more contributors are turning to his company for help.

“These first days we are having almost 10 times more requests than we had last year,” he says. At the end of the year, they hope to reach a million declarations.


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