What are Love is Blind season 2 cast Instagram accounts and how have they reacted to the series?

Love is Blind season 2 reunion brought on a roller coaster of emotions and covered some essential questions. Are Jarrette and Iyanna still together? What happened between Natalie and Shane?

Thankfully, the couples that said yes on their wedding day are still happily married. Shake reminded us that he joined the wrong show and he’s more concerned about his partner’s look than their personality. Luckily Vannessa Lachey put him in her place.

It was nice to see the cast back together after a year to discuss key moments from the show, most of them have kept in touch. Their Instagram accounts show how some of the cast members have become best friends and some even took to sharing their thoughts on the season.

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What are Love is Blind season 2 cast Instagram accounts and how have they reacted to the series?

Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee – thepuppydoc

The most controversial and outspoken from this season has to be Shake. According to his Instagram he is still continuing to build his career as a Veterinarian. Viewers and other cast members thought Shake’s honesty in most cases were inappropriate. He has recently shared memes on his page about him to indicate whatever he said on the show was the truth.

Deepti Vempati – lifewithdeeps

Deepti captured the hearts of the majority. Kyle admitted he should have proposed to Deepti during the meeting. The past year she has kept in touch with most of the cast and shared pictures of outings. The meeting made it clear that Shake and Deepti were over soon after the wedding day. She has reacted positively to the show by focusing on things and people that she loves rather than her negative engagement from her to Shake.

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Danielle Ruhl – dnellruhl

Danielle has been very open about her insecurities on the show and she had her happy ending when she married Nick Thompson. The couple are happily married today so her views of her on the series have been positive.

Nick Thompson – nthompson513

There are two things Nick is obviously in love with when you have a look at his instagram and that is his puppy Greyson and Danielle. We interpret that he has reacted positively to the series.

Iyanna McNeely – iyanna.love

Iyanna has shared a few moments from Love is Blind on her instagram – from meeting Jarrette to their wedding day. It is safe to say that she’s enjoyed her time on the show.

Jarrette Jones – thejjones_05

One look at Jarrette’s instagram and you feel bad for not hustling enough. It seems like he has found his happy ending with Iyanna thanks to Love is Blind.

Shaina Hurley – shaina.hurley

Shaina is an interesting one to look into. The meeting confirmed Shaina and Shane met up on a strictly ‘friendly’ basis after the show finished filming. However, there was a strange atmosphere in the room when the question was raised by Vanessa Lachey. She shared a few moments with the girls from the show but no images of her with any of the guys. It’s hard to read into how she felt about the show just from her Instagram from her alone.

Kyle Abrams – no instagram

We haven’t been able to trace an instagram account for Kyle at the time of writing.

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Natalie Lee – natalieminalee

A week ago on Instagram Natalie confirmed Shane and her are seeing each other even though she said no a year ago at her wedding day. She has also shared a few moments from the show showing that she had a positive time.

Shayne Jansen – shaynejansen

Shayne’s recent Instagram posts shows he’s in a happy and committed relationship with Natalie. Shaina even commented on one of the posts that she “wishes the best for both of them.”

Mallory Zapata – malloryzapata

After a year Mallory is still single. She hasn’t shared much about Love is Blind on her Instagram.

Salvador Perez – salvadior08

It was heartbreaking to watch Sal’s journey on Love is Blind. He was clearly being led on by Mallory during the show. In his recent Instagram post he shared that he is “overwhelmed with gratitude thinking of the old and new people in my life that helped me keep grounded throughout this entire process.”

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