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Several days ago, specifically last Saturday, January 8, the Twitter user @Blas_de_Lezox he would open an antigen test in the middle to see what was inside. When verifying that there was a test strip inside the plastic box that makes up the test, this user published a photograph of the open test on his Twitter account denouncing its simplicity: “Super plastic technology for mentally indigenous people.”

After reaching this conclusion, his tweet was filled with the most witty responses in which the Twitter community has shown him what is really behind an antigen test and other everyday products. While some claim that inside an ATM there is a person in charge of ensuring that the money reaches its destination, others have shown how a series of little dolls really do the task.

User responds to criticism

Several days after this controversial tweet, the creator of it has published a new one responding to all those who have criticized him: “Stefan Lanka was the only molecular biologist who managed to isolate a suspected virus, it turns out that a test strip is able to distinguish between the unicorn COVID and the flu, 4 million entries and thousands of covilovers reagent and molecular biology experts swearing! “

If they raised their heads our ancestors would call us cowards“, that’s the biographical phrase that the Twitter user has @Blas_de_Lezox on his profile, who is known on this social network for being a COVID-19 denier.

Regulation of the price of antigen tests

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced in Day by day with Àngels Barceló the regulation of the price of antigen tests and the purchase of doses of antivirals against COVID. “The Government of Esaña is going to make a purchase of the COVID antivirals that Pfizer is making. Spain will buy 344,000 doses in the month of January,” said the president during the SER interview and has assured that “Back to school is safe “, the day that 8 million students return to the classroom.

False positives

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has requested the cessation of marketing and withdrawal from the market of an antigen test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 manufactured by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Genrui Biotech “due to a possible increase in results of false positives “. The Agency has initiated an investigation into this product and “as a precautionary measure, it has required distributors in Spain to voluntarily cease marketing and withdraw the product from the market” that Until now, it was distributed in five companies (in Madrid capital, Getafe, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Asturias).


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