Wednesday’s headlines including Russia troop in ‘disarray’ and Encrochat drug dealers

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The Daily Record’s top stories today so far include; Russian troops left crying as some revolt on warship, dealers caged after plans to send 200kg of drugs to Scotland and all the latest cost of living updates.

Here is all you need to know to keep up to date with the latest from Scotland and beyond.

Russian troops ‘in disarray and crying’ as some revolt on warship, reports claim

Russian soldiers have been on Ukrainian soil for nearly a week but some view the neighbor as their ‘brothers’

Terrified young Russian soldiers are being reduced to tears as they fight in Ukraine with some being asked to “fire at everyone, even civilians”, claims reports.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia appears to have not gone entirely to plan for Vladimir Putin and his army have been met with ferocious resistance in major cities.

All major cities are still held by Ukrainian forces but the attack on it’s neighbour, is seen by many in Russia, including in the army as an attack on their brothers and sisters.

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Encrochat dealers who lived lavish lifestyle caged after planning to send 200kgs of drugs to Scotland

Remez Caffrey and John Chean were both jailed

Ecrochat drug dealers who planned on sending 200 kilos of amphetamine to Scotland have been jailed.

Remez Caffrey, 24, and John Chean, 33, were rumbled dealing class A and B drugs around the United Kingdom on the chatting device popular with dealers.

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Under the handle, ‘FrostJacket’ Caffrey traded cars for drugs including cocaine and amphetamine in a huge operation.

Meanwhile, the crooks would be snapped living a lavish lifestyle; riding in plush cars and staying in swanky apartments.

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Spain travel warning as Covid rules updated for unvaccinated UK holidaymakers

Rules for unvaccinated Scots heading to Spain have changed

Spain has changed its travel rules for holidaymakers that are yet to be fully vaccinated against Covid.

Previous rules meant that travelers who have received at least two doses of the vaccine were the only foreign visitors allowed to enter the country.

New rules announced by the Spanish government mean that unvaccinated tourists who have recovered from Covid in the last six months will now be allowed to enter.

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Car tax changes: calculate your road tax increase as rates jump in April

Daily Record : Traffic is badly congested this afternoon as commuters approach Junction 10 at Barlanark on the M8.Date 11/18/16.
Upcoming car tax changes mean drivers of the most polluting cars will pay the most

Car tax rates are rising in April as the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) increases, along with a number of factors next month during the cost of living crisis.

Also known as car tax or road tax, VED will grow in line with the measure of inflation from April.

Next month will usher in a number of financial stressors as national insurance rates rise and the energy price cap jumps by £693.

An across-the-board car tax increase is coming for cars of almost all emission ranges.

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Money Saving Expert urges every energy customer to do meter readings and shares prepay price cap loophole

The energy price hike is going to affect millions of households across the UK
The energy price hike is going to affect millions of households across the UK

Gas and electricity bills for around 22 million households across Scotland and the rest of the UK will increase by £693 from April 1st.

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The upcoming rise of 54 per cent means the average household energy bill will soar to an eye-watering £1,791 per year while homes on prepayment meters will see costs go up by £708 to £2,017

Prices are expected to go up again when Ofgem reviews the price cap in August, with the change coming into effect in October.

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