We tried the £15 Tesco Valentine’s meal deal- from duck with raspberry hoisin sauce to cheesy burgers

There is no better feeling than your loved one cooking your favorite meal and then doing all the washing up (we wish).

Tesco has given shoppers the most perfect combination of courses this Valentine’s Day, and you can bag the lot for £15.

The only catch is that this year the deal is a Clubcard offer.

It means that non-Clubcard holders can purchase all of the items individually however only those with a Clubcard can access the full offer (one starter, one main, two sides, one dessert, one drink) for the price of £15.

Launching in-store and online on Sunday, February 9, customers will be spoiled for choice with the selection of starters, mains, sides and desserts to feed two which can be accompanied with either a full-sized bottle of Tesco Finest Prosecco, wine, a four pack of Peroni Nastro Azzurro beers, or a non-alcoholic alternative such as the Belvoir Non Alcoholic Passion Fruit Martini and Juniper & Tonic twin pack.

Here’s our look at a handful of dishes available in this year’s Tesco Finest special Valentine’s Day offer.

Stacey tried the Tesco Finest Feta & Pepper Tartlets, Duck with Raspberry Hoisin Sauce, Heart Shaped Potato Croquettes and the Green Vegetable Trio.

Tesco Finest Valentine's Meal
Tesco Finest Valentine’s Meal

The feta and pepper tartlets were such a tasty starter, and something different to what I would usually order off a restaurant menu.

Although it’s pastry based, and usually I wouldn’t pick a heavier option like this, this particularly dish still seemed light enough to fit in the next course.

As for the duck…wow I was so impressed.

The duck was super easy to cook- just browned off and the skin scorned a little, to then through in the oven for 12-15 mins.

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Tesco Finest Duck with Raspberry Hoisin Sauce
Tesco Finest Duck with Raspberry Hoisin Sauce

The raspberry hoisin sauce reminded me of Peking sauce I would usually order from my local chip shop (which is a good thing!). It took on that sticky, sweet consistency and I couldn’t get enough.

And as always it’s nice to have your meat with some trusty veggies, and the heart shaped croquettes were everything I wanted them to be, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Whole meal rating: 5/5

Gemma tried Tesco Finest camembert sharing bread heart, Tesco Finest burgers with heart shaped triple cheese melt, Heart Shaped Potato Croquettes and the Green Vegetable Trio.

Tesco Finest burgers with heart shaped triple cheese melt
Tesco Finest burgers with heart shaped triple cheese melt

I would much rather stay in with a good meal than go out for Valentine’s Day.

There’s something a bit more intimate about having a meal at home with your loved one than being surrounded by busy tables full of other couples.

We (myself and my partner Mark) tried some of the Tesco Valentine’s Day meal deal that’s on offer this year, which included the camembert to start, burgers for the main, heart shaped potato croquettes for the side and the Tesco Finest prosecco valdobbiadene DOCG for our drink.

You get quite a lot for your money at just £15, especially when you compare it to a meal out.

A three-course meal (including dessert) and a full bottle of prosecco, you can’t really go wrong.

We started off with the Tesco Finest camembert sharing bread heart.

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The camembert takes just 10 minutes in the oven which is great and you just need to put it on a baking tray as is (already in the tin-foil packaging) and away you go.

However, it’s worth reading the instructions before hand as it recommends you to take it out the fridge and sit it at room temperature for 45 minutes.

I love cheese so I wasn’t prepared to wait to be honest, and it was fine!

Before the camembert went in the oven
Before the camembert went in the oven

The bread was infused with garlic and parsley and an extra-virgin olive oil dressing too, so it didn’t taste dry at all.

The cheese was rich and creamy.

I was worried there wasn’t going to be enough for the bread but there was plenty. It was also handy the way the garlic bread broke apart, making it easy to grab and dunk into the cheese.

This was pretty filling to be honest, it almost could be enjoyed as a meal on it’s own, and we did just that to be honest.

However, if you’re going to experience the full meal then next up is the Tesco Finest burgers with heart shaped triple cheese melt.

Tesco Burger
Tesco Burger

We cooked the burgers on the grill so that the heart-shaped cheese could melt nicely.

They were delicious and the burger meat was seasoned very well.

However, the texture of the cheese was a little off for me, it was almost too gooey and felt a little curdled. I’m not sure if we left it under the grill for too long (it wasn’t burnt) or if it was simply too much cheese but either way, it tasted strange.

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Overall I was a bit disappointed with the cheese on the burgers but so impressed with the camembert and you can do get your money’s worth if you opt with Tesco, just maybe choose another meal option.

Whole meal rating: 3/5

Browse the full menu below:


  • Tesco Finest camembert sharing bread heart
  • Tesco Finest crispy calamari with chilli dip
  • Tesco Finest feta and red pepper tartlets
  • Tesco Finest antipasti platter
  • Wicked Kitchen crispy m’shrooms with smoky ketchup


  • Tesco Finest rump steak with pink peppercorn butter
  • Tesco Finest duck breast portions with a raspberry hoisin sauce
  • Tesco Finest burgers with heart shaped triple cheese melt
  • Tesco Finest chicken cabernet sauvignon
  • Tesco Finest chicken in a prosecco sauce
  • Tesco Finest butternut squash and goat’s cheese lasagne
  • Tesco Finest smoked Scottish salmon fillets with lemon and pink peppercorn butter
  • Wicked Kitchen wicked wellingtons


  • Tesco Finest Triple Cooked Chips
  • Tesco Finest potato dauphinoise
  • Tesco Finest heart shaped potato croquettes
  • Tesco Finest three cheese and chive cauliflower cheese
  • Tesco Finest green vegetable trio
  • Tesco Finest leeks, petits pois and savoy cabbage
  • Wicked Kitchen Valentine’s veggies
  • Wicked Kitchen cheesy potato gratin


  • Tesco Finest Belgian chocolate and orange pots
  • Tesco Finest millionaire’s tarts with red sprinkled hearts
  • Tesco Finest white chocolate and raspberry pots
  • Tesco Finest passion fruit and raspberry cheesecake slices
  • Wicked Kitchen chocolate love brownie


  • Tesco Finest Pinot Grigio
  • Tesco Finest South African malbec
  • Tesco Finest pinot grigio blush
  • Tesco Finest prosecco valdobbiadene DOCG
  • Peroni nastro azzurro
  • Belvoir Farm 2-pack: Non-alcoholic passionfruit martini and juniper and tonic

Available in store and online from February 9


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