We tried Nip+Fab’s new SPF moisturizer range across different skin types, from oily to dry

It’s a well-known fact that SPF should be a part of everyone’s daily skincare rituals, come rain or shine – but we’ll all be forgiven for forgetting this vital step from time-to-time.

Thankfully, advances to skincare have led to two-in-one formulas that help us incorporate all-important daily sun protection into our everyday routines.

Whether in moisturizer or day cream form, these products not only create a protective barrier against UVA and UVB rays, but also nourish, smooth and hydrate skin – just like any decent moisturizer does.

But a good hybrid formula often comes with the premium price tag to match – and that’s where affordable-favorite Nip+Fab comes in. With the skincare brand famed for its top-quality products at reasonable prices, we were keen to see if this translated into its new SPF moisturizer range.

Each priced around the £20 mark, the collection includes four formulas that are all vegan, cruelty-free and aimed toward addressing different skin concerns, ranging from oily and dry to redness and dullness. Best of all, the formulas claim to be completely transparent on skin, meaning they won’t leave a white cast. With Nip+Fab’s SPF moisturiser range promising to solve all our SPF and skincare problems in one, we decided to put them to the test.

How we tested

To assess how well Nip+Fab’s formulas addressed these wide-ranging skin concerns, we tried each product on the targeted skin type. Each of our testers had skin that was either dull, dry, oily or prone to redness, and we considered how well the product targeted our specific skin type. We also considered ease of application, coverage, protective power, consistency and packaging. Here’s our verdict.

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Nip + Fab anti pollution SPF 30 moisturizer

Best: For oily skin

Rating: 9/10

As someone prone to oily skin, choosing the right moisturizer is no small feat. The correct formula will leave my skin glowy, while the wrong one leaves me shiny. Lightweight formulas are my friend and anything too thick, my suffocating foe. Of course when it comes to face sunscreen, the risk of greasiness is even higher. Solving these problems – and then some – is Nip+Fab’s SPF30 anti pollution moisturizer, which not only created a protective barrier against UVA, UVB rays and atmospheric pollution, but also offered lightweight and non-greasy coverage.

The thick consistency is more like sunscreen than your everyday moisturizer, but unlike other facial SPF’s I’ve tried, the product blended in easily and didn’t leave that problematic shiny sheen. The formula is non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog your pores (a blessing for those with oily skin), while there are added benefits in the form of monoi oil and chicory root extract, both of which helped our skin feel supple , soft and hydrated. A little goes a long way, too, and the pump product is ideal for popping in your bag for re-application throughout the day. This is a new staple of our summer skincare arsenal.

Nip+Fab illuminate SPF30 moisturizer

Best: For glowing skin

Rating: 9/10

Like many people, when it comes to choosing a face sunscreen, I opt for a formula that is smooth, blendable and, most importantly, non-greasy. If you too hate a sticky residue post-application, let me introduce you to my new favorite – Nip+Fab’s illuminate SPF30.

To me, a sunscreen, moisturizing hybrid is compelling, yet few that I’ve tried have nailed it, but it seems Nip+Fab has with this one. Owing to the lightweight formula, it blends seamlessly, leaving no white cast, and it provides UVA and UVB protection. There are also some powerful ingredients at work here, including butterfly bush extract to protect the skin from blue light and glycerin to soften and moisturize.

Thanks to the copper pigments, which work to brighten the skin, it imparts the perfect amount of glow – an almost “fresh from a facial” look, which we love. And before you ask, no of course it’s not sticky and it’s non-comedogenic, so I didn’t find that it clogged my pores. My make-up glides on seamlessly over the top. All in all, it’s a lovely creamy formula that absorbs quickly.

NIP+FAB nourishing SPF30 moisturizer

Best: Hydrating sunscreen

Rating: 8/10

The only downfall to this sunscreen is that it isn’t an SPF50, which being very fair-skinned, I prefer when it comes to protecting my face. But, aside from that, or for anyone who may not need as high a factor, it’s quite great. The pump dispenses just enough product to cover the face, doesn’t get clogged and can be easily cleaned with an antibacterial wipe. And at 50ml it’s sure to last quite a long time.

Coming on to the most important part, the product itself, it’s fairly thick yet sinks into the skin like a rich cream rather than leaving chalky coverage. With hyaluronic acid helping to restore moisture levels, a moisturizing complex that supports the skin’s natural barrier, and bio-water bamboo that helps to soften skin, it’s extremely hydrating and nourishing, as the name suggests. It’s also non-comedogenic meaning it has been designed to not block pores which is what normally leads to breakouts. But, if you’re looking for a sunscreen to re-apply throughout the day over make-up this may not be the one – think of it as a rich moisturizer over a light sunscreen.

Nip+Fab anti redness SPF30 moisturizer

Best: For fighting redness

Rating: 8/10

Despite having extremely sensitive skin that’s prone to rosacea, I stubbornly refuse to avoid the triggers (red wine, sunshine and exercise are some of my greatest joys), which means that redness and flushing is a real issue for me. Not only did Nip+Fab’s anti-redness SPF30 moisturizer not irritate my skin, but it left it calmer and, most importantly, protected against the sun. For someone who has a rather cavalier attitude to applying sunscreen (I know, I know) and a love of retinol, a moisturizer with a high SPF has become an essential for me during the warmer months.

Nip+Fab’s anti-redness SPF 30 moisturizer felt a little greasy on application but it was light on my skin and I was impressed at how quickly it was absorbed. I tested it during a trip to central Asia with temperatures in the high 20s – the combination of travel, high temperatures and sun usually leaves my skin flushed and angry – but my rosacea was kept under control, and my skin also felt well hydrated. I always find it hard to judge how well a product tackles redness as this can have so many causes, but Nip+Fab’s moisturizer is gentle, non-irritating and lightweight, so a good choice if you suffer flare-ups or conditions that cause flushing and sensitivity.

The verdict: Nip+Fab SPF moisturizer range

Nip+Fab’s new SPF range was found by all testers to be easy to apply, non-greasy, lightweight and quickly absorbent – ​​ticking all our boxes for a good facial sunscreen. There were no shortages of skincare benefits, too, with all finding the formulas to be hydrating and nourishing.

When it came to addressing our individual skin concerns, the anti-pollution formula offered coverage without any shine, while the nourishing product helped restore the skin’s moisture levels. The anti-redness SPF kept our tester’s rosacea under control, while the illuminate product worked to brighten skin.

All in all, the range is as affordable as it is effective, all while offering more choice when it comes to choosing the right SPF moisturizer for you.

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