‘We need to learn how to live with this virus while getting on with our lives’ – Saira Khan

It’s another downbeat Christmas for many but Saira Khan doesn’t believe another lockdown is the answer to the pandemic problem

Boris Johnson is out of touch with real people

Let’s hope we’re not heading for another lockdown like some other European countries, such as the Netherlands.

I’ve always said that lockdowns are not the solution to the pandemic – getting jabbed, being tested regularly and using our common sense is the way forward.

We need to learn how to live with this virus while getting on with our lives.

Lockdowns cause so many problems. We have seen child abuse and domestic violence increase, and the gap in education inequality widen.

We have seen worsening mental health issues and a spike in loneliness.

My best friend wasn’t able to sit next to her dad in hospital and hold his hand as he died – that’s something she has to live with for the rest of her life.

I believe most people are sensible and take precautions, and they don’t need the Government to tell them what to do – especially not this government, which hasn’t even been following its own rules.

The way the Government has acted over the pandemic has caused even more confusion and more anxiety.

I also think the way it has implemented lockdowns has sparked the protests that we saw last weekend – people do not trust them, and when you see them hosting their own parties during lockdown you can see why.

I think from day one the scientists and medical professionals should have been leading the messaging on the pandemic, and the public would have put more trust in them.

I think we would have seen less anti-vax resistance as a result. People trust scientists and doctors, but not the politicians we have leading the country.

We cannot look at Boris Johnson and his crony government and relate to them – they are so out of touch with real people’s lives.

I didn’t go to Eton and I don’t have friends in high places, but one of my neighbours is a scientist who works in tackling viruses, and I know I can trust him.

By saying I don’t think lockdowns are the answer doesn’t mean we should ignore Covid – I have in-laws who are vulnerable and we need to be testing regularly and isolate if we feel unwell. We might need to be testing for the rest of our lives.

We need to be sensible by still wearing masks and social distancing, while also getting on with our everyday lives. I think this is the future and this will be our way of life from now on – whether people like it or not.

It’s the best way of keeping people safe while also maintaining a normal society.

Everyone is always averse to new things at first. I remember when we all hated the idea of online shopping, but it’s part of our lives now. We need to take that approach to the pandemic.

The virus is going to be here for the foreseeable and I think the best way we can protect ourselves is by looking after ourselves and taking some personal responsibility.

The Government needs to trust us to do that.

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