“We live in the most dangerous moment since the Cold War”


The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, warned this Tuesday of the “danger” of Europe and its security for the crisis in Ukraine and stressed that the region is experiencing “the most dangerous moment since the Cold War”.

Likewise, the Spanish politician pointed out that Russia “has been undermining the European security order for yearsand has threatened “heavy sanctions” if Moscow invades Ukraine.

In a press conference this Monday, Borrell asked “not to dramatize” as long as the negotiations to reduce tensions in Ukraine continue. After the meeting of the heads of European diplomacy, the High Representative stated that “unity” was one of the fundamental aspects and underlined the good harmony between the foreign ministers.

Four days ago, a meeting was held in Geneva between the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. Moscow has also been negotiating with NATO and the OSCE, but has sidelined the European Union in these meetings. From Brussels it is demanded that matters related to European security also negotiate with the Europeans.

“Europe is in danger”

“The central message, once again, is that Europe is in danger and I wish it were different, but in the last two years there has been a serious worsening of our strategic environment“, Borrell pointed out. “We are living the most dangerous moment since the end of the Cold War. We face the risk of a great military conflict in our continent“, has warned.

The High Representative has pointed out that “we are facing a world of growing threats and power politics” and that the “Ukrainian-Russian issue is just the latest example”.

According to Borrell, Russia “is trying to return to the spheres of influence of the past”, referring to the years of the Soviet Union, and has indicated that the two priorities of the European Union to ensure security are “diplomacy and deterrence”.

‘Heavy sanctions’

At the press conference, Borrell stated that the European Union will continue “coordinating with the United States in our search for de-escalation” in Ukraine in a “coordination like we had never imagined”. The Twenty-seven are also working with Washington on the document to be sent in writing to Russia to respond to your proposals.

In addition, Borrell has stressed that “we are preparing strong sanctions” in case Russia invades Ukraine and has warned that “We have to be ready for all scenarios”.

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The United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union have been secretly negotiating a battery of sanctions against Russia if it carries out the invasion. According to high-ranking US officials, Washington plans restrict the sale of technological products to Moscow, which are essential for the development of many of its industries, among other measures.

The sources have also confirmed that the United States is working with its European allies on the alternative oil and gas market search to Russian to supply Europe.


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